I’ve got it all!

This palazzo has an altana, a glorious sun-room and a coat of arms.

But it looks like the latter has had most of the heraldry symbols removed, perhaps indicating that the palazzo changed hands at some time in its history.




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17 responses to “I’ve got it all!

  1. I’m not to be trusted at all! The photo was taken in San Polo, from Ponte de Ca’ Bernado. However, the upside is, it’ll be cheaper for us to buy, folks.


  2. Then it wasn’t just me!
    Although I tried Blogger first and couldn’t make heads or tails out of it.
    May be getting the new computer with Windows 8 this week so who knows if that will make a difference?


  3. Trust you? Hmm, I’m sure there is a locksmith in that city capable of changing the locks and you have either visited his workshop or at least know where it is.
    I doubt if I would be able to afford a broom closet in that place although it would be lovely.
    (note I tried to post this yesterday but WordPress was giving me grief)


    • Maybe we can get positions as window cleaners there, Michelle.

      There were lots of grumbles in the WordPress community yesterday about various problematic issues. When I first chose it, over Blogger, it was because of the very good support they provided. That is well and truly a thing of the past, it seems, even for those who pay to use the platform.


  4. Bridget

    I have always loved that sunroom! When we were in Venice a few weeks ago, on a bright sunny day, from the vap you could see someone on a ladder cleaning the windows. I thought what lucky person gets to sit in that room today! They are beautiful….sigh…


  5. JoS

    Love those windows!


  6. Susie L

    Maybe The Mob should pool resources…


  7. That room looks inviting. The perfect place for reading, writing, painting in a rainy afternoon.


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