Time for more of Florence

More of those modified signs.  I wonder  how many more there might be around the city?

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14 responses to “Time for more of Florence

  1. Love those signs Yvonne. I’m glad I don’t drive any more as I would have to work out what’s down the street 😉 ❤


  2. Brian

    Around the corner is one of my favorite enoteche, Bevo Vino. Clet did the design for their logo some time back. The manager is my friend Vincenzo.


  3. Very comical!
    Happy moving to Caroline and Phil!


  4. Caroline

    These are so clever. I love the way the blue sky behind the sun & cloud exactly matched the actual sky, just then at least!


    • Good morning, Caroline! Your last Friday in that apartment!

      I really liked the sign modifications too. Clever folks out there.

      I made some of Christy’s cookies today, I wish I could share with you folks. xx


      • Caroline

        Good morning – or whatever time it is there!

        We’d hoped to move yesterday & do a final clean today but still haven’t managed to get the electricity on in the new flat, sigh. So now some time between now & Tuesday, which is the next time ‘the cleaner’ will be available 🙂

        I wish we could share your cookies too!


      • Sospiro, indeed. 😦


  5. Hi, Brian. I passed his shop on my way up to San Miniato, but he wasn’t open at that hour. I’ll be dropping in on him next year, he had some interesting goods in the store. By the way, I had no idea of the size of the cemeteries up there; Jeff would like them, perhaps.


  6. Brian

    The artist is named Clet. He has his own shop in the San Niccolo neighborhood (where I’ve been staying) on the way to San Miniato and the Piazzale Michelangelo, if you’re walking. His signs have really taken off lately and I’ve seen some in other cities. Of course, there may be others doing this work, or maybe he has his own workshop system by now…


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