Campo San Marziale

Just opposite the Chiesa San Marziale in Cannaregio, you’ll find this small carved image on a wall. Does he represent San Marziale? I’m not sure.




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9 responses to “Campo San Marziale

  1. Bridget

    That is one handsome image regardless of who he might be…on my list of things to look for next time I am in Venezia!


  2. Bert

    St Jerome (Hieronymous or Girolamo) is often depicted with a church in one hand. It could be him. The headgear is more likely to be a cardinal’s hat, which is also one of St Jerome’s symbols. I have to admit, St Jerome is usually depicted with several other attributes that make his identification more secure – a lion, a stone in one hand, a skull, etc.


  3. Hi Yvonne! According to my Rizzi book, it is San Marziale. Here is the quote:
    Here is San Marziale in edicoletta a figura intera, benedicente a reggente modellino di chiesa. I thought it could have been Magno, we often see him holding a small church in his hand.
    Have a great day!


  4. At first I thought St James, as his headgear looked like a pilgrim,s hat — but there was no obvious shell on the brim or a staff in his hand.

    But then the headgear is a helmet (hence the ‘martial’ aspect) and he carries a model church, the symbol of a church founder or dedicatee. So your supposition is very likely sound!


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