At last!!

A few years ago, I read about this amazing man on Fausto Maroder’s blog ( ). I never thought I’d be lucky enough to see and hear him. But, today as I walked through San Polo, I heard a strong singing voice coming from just around a corner. It was this elegant gentleman:


And, here is a tiny sample of his singing:

I’m going down south for a few days (to Florence). Behave yourselves while I’m out of the room.



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16 responses to “At last!!

  1. Wow, that was a strong voice. Apparently too strong for the man in the background! Who has singers like that on street corners? Amazing! 🙂


  2. Enjoy your time there, don’t get wet. 🙂 The tenor has a great voice.


    • Hi, Laurie. It’s finally stopped raining here, and spring is definitely on the way. So, I’ll get back to the Tablelands just in time for a (hopefully) glorious autumn.

      He must have been a great singer when he was in full bloom!

      This is a shop I saw when I was in Florence for the weekend: (don’t tell the ‘roos in your paddock)


      • OMG! Roopert has seen it, now we can’t get him out of his mum’s pouch. 🙂 Nice part of the world the Atherton tablelands, been there a few times, years ago. It’s raining up north but that’s as you know the season. Yes the old man has quite the voice. Ah full bloom, those were the days.


  3. Tea!? Tea!? Wash your mouth out with something, Ralphie. I had a wonderful time with Florence. She’s looking good for her age.

    I wondered why there was an eviction notice from my landlord. Your wild party explains it all. (Red knickers??? Who was at this party that I missed?)

    My koala and I will just have to knock at your door, it seems. 😉 oxo


  4. Hi Yvonne 😀
    Have a great time with Florence. I hope she brews a good cup of tea for you 😉
    I promise to clean up after our party in your room, before you return 😉 Where do you keep your bin bags ?
    Ralph xox 😀


  5. He is amazing! I wanted to hear more! Next time you run into him, please record a full version and also tell him he’s made fans outside Venice! I’m going to Florence too (and to Lucca) before going to Venice.


  6. Bridget

    Have a great trip! Firenze is beautiful with many wonderful things to see as well. Safe travels!


    • I had such a wonderful time, Bridget, and have plans to get the heck back there and really explore. I missed the spritz while I was away, and the Florentine version of cichetti is not quite the same …

      Welcome to Venice!


  7. PS…so you will know…
    my computer is refusing to load the “like” button on anyone’s blogs…not just yours so until I get the new one you’ll just have to assume I like it.


  8. Grazie for the tiny little taste treat!
    Enjoy your time in Firenze. I enjoyed my little time I spent there but then of course I hadn’t been to Venice then.
    We’ll miss you.


    • I’d better get the dishes done and trot to the train station now! I’m looking forward to the Trenitalo experience, and excited about seeing Francesco, meeting his wife Valentina and their precious little baby girl. Whee!!


  9. The first time I was in Florence (1977 with your mom and Kirk), I absolutely hated it! It gradually changed my attitude, thank goodness.

    The thing about Venice is that, if you’re out and about, you’re bound to find something interesting.


  10. So cool – what wonderful experiences you have in Venice! Enjoy Florence. I thought it was lovely too.


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