Le do Oche

Very near the mystery figures from the last post is a ponte with an adjacent door which has several paterae above it.

While searching online for information about our two blokes, I stumbled across photos and a description of the topmost patera which shows two geese, or “Do Oche”.

A rough translation from the Italian site points out that near Chiesa San Giacomo dell’Orio you will find a Ramo, three calli, a Calle delle, a Sotoportego, and two bridges bearing the name do Oche. (And, a Pizzeria!)




Keep your eyes open for more examples of paterae showing two geese. I found more on Calle Toletta, Dorsoduro this morning. (At least I think they were geese.)




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25 responses to “Le do Oche

  1. Bridget

    It’s amazing how one small piece can be so beautiful and detailed. I have learned during my times in Venezia – to always look up!
    So many treasures…so little time…


  2. I have found lots of good things in your neighbourhood, Michelle. Today, a wonderful men’s chorus is singing in the Pieta, so I’ll be back in Castello again.


  3. That’s why you’re my friend….you never tire of photographing the city of my dreams and always finding something interesting….that doesn’t seem to have been there yesterday but in actuality it has been there for at least a few hundred years.
    There is just so much to see it is not amazing that we miss it the first, second or 15th time through.
    Grazie for another dose of my beloved.
    Do you think I’m homesick for her? I guess so.


  4. They are flamingos (fenicotteri) but in Venice by the power of transmutation they magically became geese (oche).
    You have to love a place like that!


  5. Hi Yvonne 😀 How interesting. That’s twice I’ve been goosed today 😉 xox


  6. You find the most amazing things!


  7. Lovely post. I can vouch for the pizzeria Y!


  8. I think they might be peacocks, I think they were used in early Christian art to symbolise immortality. I do have peacocks here, and have to say they are anything but immortal!!


  9. MaryK

    So we’ll just have to keep returning to keep finding treasures like these!


    • Life’s tough, isn’t it, Mary. 🙂

      As I write this, I can hear the sounds of Carnevaltro emanating from Campo Sant’Angelo. I think I can also hear the sound of gnashing teeth from my neighbours, Caroline and Phil.


      • Caroline

        Only one more night to endure! And one final fritelle frenzy 🙂 Have you tried the chocolate ones from Vizio Virtu’? They are exceptional – apparently the bloke used to be the pastry chef at the Metropole.


  10. I’m always amazed at the treasures that Venezia holds. I always say that I can stand within a three meter space and photograph all day long….and come up with hundred unusual images. Ahhhhh Venezia!!


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