For those who like blue skies, altane and chimneys

That laundry will smell so nice

That laundry will smell so nice




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22 responses to “For those who like blue skies, altane and chimneys

  1. Bridget

    Beautiful pictures! I would love to see Venice from a rooftop – sigh.
    I hope we have those blue skies next week when we are there!
    Perhaps Yvonne my husband and I will spot you again on the vaporetto?
    Or perhaps we could meet for a spritz with our favorite blogger!


  2. Reblogged this on Sassi Italy Tours and commented:
    Looking forward to seeing some of these chimneys next week.


  3. MaryK

    I am smiling at the jetpack idea – I think we’d cause something of a stir….


  4. That gorgeous chimney (and its companion altana) are in San Polo.

    We need a hot air balloon so we can drift slowly. But it would need some form of steering.


  5. OMG those are all gorgeous….just another reason for me to bring my jetpack next year. Wouldn’t it be glorious to take a nice slow a aerial tour of Venezia….and spy allllll the glorious altanas? Yvonne you came as close as possible to a jetpack experience last year!!
    Mary…I remember your wonderful altana in Dorsoduro….ahhh!
    I love that chimney….in fact I remember spotting that one this year…..just can’t remember where….which sestiere??


  6. It’s a “Wowzer” kind of place, for sure.


  7. hungryhungryhippo404

    Wowzers! That is all 🙂


  8. Blue skies! Finally! And Scooby Doo is home and all is right with the world!


  9. Love the chimney and the roof decking Yvonne. the chimney reminds me of the splendid chimneys in the UK built in the 1800’s. Such variety !! It was blue sky and getting hotter here today for a change. Ralph xox 😀


    • There are so many details to admire in this city, Ralph. So many opportunities to trip on an uneven piece of pavement and bring a row of Venetians down, as one walks along with eyes on the sky! (Not that I’d ever do that, of course.)

      I’m glad to hear your weather has taken a turn for the better. Hey, isn’t that splendid news about Scooby Doo? Did you tell your cats about him being in the Lost and Found Department? oxo 🙂


      • Thanks for telling me about Scooby. PN’s new post did not arrive in my Inbox. That is good news. 😀

        It’s nice to know that you are tripping the light fantastic with your head in the clouds in Venice 😀 I’ve got an air-freshener handy for when you visit the sewers 😉 xoxox


      • Oi, are you now pretending you’re Jean Val Jean, in the sewers?? 🙂 oxo


  10. MaryK

    That’s a really fabulous chimney and I just love a good altana (when is an altana not fabulous I wonder?).
    But the best bit of those photos is that sensational blue sky – something that I’m sure you were amazed to see this year.


    • There are so many lovely chimneys and altane in this city! I forgot to post a photo of Caroline and Phil Jones’ altana, darn it!

      Those blue skies have been so rare this January and February, let’s see what March brings.


  11. I love hanging the laundry on the roof in Mexico and it does smell wonderful. The chimney is beautiful. So much art in a functional part of the house.


  12. Darn you Y! Every time I think I have my altana envy under control, you post some amazing examples and the green-eyed monster rears her ugly head!

    I am sure Linda will be thrilled to see that amazing chimney!


    • I’m deeply sorry for causing you this pain, Susie. 🙂 They looked so wonderful against the one blue sky day in February!

      That was one gorgeous chimney, Susie will be madly sketching, I reckon.


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