Not seven at one blow, but five

Do you remember the fairy tale “Seven at a blow”?

For some reason, I was reminded of that when I found these 5 pissotte within 10-15 meters of each other. But, I have no moral to my tale, unlike the Grimm brothers.

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9 responses to “Not seven at one blow, but five

  1. I have been loving your blog, and read every post. Your (is this an inappropriate word!) long “running” pissotte saga has been brilliant. Can I ask you if you have ever used the Venice Archives at all? I just wondered…


    • Good afternoon! I like that “long running”, rather apt. No, I’ve never used the Archives, but you just jogged my memory to the possibility of using the Biblioteca Marciana, thank you!

      Did you ever get to Venice with your savings?


      • Yes, I did, and my time in Venice passed too quickly. It was wonderful to get back to the city, and to catch up with friends there. In addition, I did meet Misha, and we shared a coffee one chilly November morning in Gino’s. I am Back to saving again for a longer, more in depth visit. I do voluntary work in two archives in Scotland, and have found fascinating connections between Scotland and Garibaldi! Can’t wait to get back and see what the venetian archive might hold!


  2. I had never heard of that fairytale either. Although I do remember as an adult buying a copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and they were very dark and nothing like those little golden books I had as a child. They were much more like the TV show we have here called….yes, “Grimm”…which is very dark indeed. I tried to watch it once. No, thanks! It’s scare the whatever out of you.
    Yes, you had been neglecting the pissotte for other interesting things.


    • Classics such as Cinderella and Snow White were among the tales collected and published by the Grimm brothers. There surely is an element of violence in many of these stories!


  3. I’ve been missing your pissotte pictures! And I’ve never heard of that fairy tale – sounds Grimm.


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