Another dying art

In Cannaregio, I paused outside a workshop window to watch a man working with simple tools , glass and lead to produce a thing of lasting beauty.

I opened the door and asked permission to enter and watch him at his work. He nudged a stool to one end of the work bench, and I sat engrossed for many moments.

When he had finished a particular stage of the job, we talked for a while. He is Angelo Farinati, and he said he is the last to practice his trade in Venice.

This is what he was working on, my fingers itched to have a go! (His method is different to the one I have used.)



Sig. Farinati explained to me the process of producing a flat sheet of glass from a blown glass sphere, and showed me photos of some of the windows  in Ca’Pesaro which were repaired/replaced by his father and uncle. I’ll be looking for them when I visit that interesting museum.



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20 responses to “Another dying art

  1. steven

    What a great discovery. I don’t like to think of some day when such small places will no longer exist in Venice–or elsewhere, for that matter.


  2. Hi Yvonne 😀 Wow. You are a Casanova-ess…..always chatting up the Italian men !!They’ll write your name in stained glass soon 😉 Ralph xox 😀


  3. How wonderful. And that is terrific that he allowed you to watch and to photograph him.


  4. Such a great post. It makes me long for Venice. The only place I know where strangers are welcome to observe the locals work.


  5. Too many dying arts. How great that you get to see some of them and share them with us before they’re completely gone.


  6. What a treat to sit with him and observe his work! Maybe you should bring him una fritella Y! 😉


  7. Thanks Yvonne…have you thought about writing a book???


  8. hungryhungryhippo404

    Wow, what a special thing to have happened upon just by chance! Sad to hear that he is the last one in Venice who can do that 😦


  9. That’s for sure, Michelle.


  10. Another very interesting place to visit.


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