“Miss Eleni” pops up again

Meet the affable Aldo, whose profession you have no doubt guessed. Can you imagine making a pair of shoes from scratch?


Then, some graffiti.



I’ve never seen the Virgin Mother portrayed like this before. Have you?


Someone is going around decorating the tops of some pissotte. Here’s one example.




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24 responses to ““Miss Eleni” pops up again

  1. “We will die. Maybe.” Now that’s optimism!……..lol


  2. Brian

    Perhaps it is seen in paintings more often than in sculpture. The “official” art historical term here in this country (probably in Britain, too) is Madonna Lactans.


  3. A great collection of photos, love the street art. I guess the baby Jesus had to be fed somehow. 🙂


  4. Do you know when you go back to have more goblins transplanted?

    I look forward to seeing Samantha, and can’t figure out how she isn’t very well done on at least one side of her little body. Funny little girl.

    I’m fine, thanks. But, we’ve got more rain, and I heard the sirens signalling yet another acqua alta here in Venice. I wonder if I’m the reason for all this strange weather they’ve been having? Nah, it can’t be me.

    Cheers, chap. oxo


  5. Ah ha !! The writing on the walls are in English. I wonder who could have done that ??!!?? 😉 xox


    • Are you lookin’ at me? Who you lookin’ at?

      How’s everything going? Do you have the wood burner going for those cats? oxo


      • Nooooo !! I would never think such a thing *fingers crossed behind my back* 😉

        Gave blood samples for testing today. 4 tubes. That’s almost all I have 😉

        It’s cold here so the log burner is on the go 24/7. And the cats love it. I’ll email you a photo of Samantha under it.

        You okay?


  6. Great pictures and I bet his shoes would be the most comfortable one ever had.


  7. A friend sent a link that explains the comings and goings of the depiction of the BVM’s breast. I particularly liked the reference to the Lactation of St Bernard.



  8. I can indeed imagine such depictions of the “real” BVM would have been discouraged by certain “powers”. What? They thought that baby didn’t eat?
    Of course we know how most men react to a naked breast. So they were only delivering themselves from temptation.

    A great selection of shots once again.


  9. Daniela

    Yesssss! The only, real, unique Prosecco is from Valdobbiadene/Conegliano! 😀


  10. Daniela

    Ciao! The name is “Madonna del latte”: there are some here and there, but not so common maybe because of the breast, maybe too erotic for catholic 🙂
    One is in Conegliano: would you like to go and see with me, Yvonne?


    • I have to admit I was a little surprised to see the Madonna like that! IF it ever stops raining, a trip to Conegliano would be good. (I’ve read it’s noted for Prosecco, also!) 🙂


  11. Bert

    There’s also a capitello behind San Cancian with a similar Madonna and Child.


  12. Nice selection!
    Yes, I’ve seen the BVM portrayed like this before in Renaissance art but never as here, in 3D.


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