Dorsoduro 2410-30

I had a grand plan to find all of the dwellings mentioned in Venetian domestic architecture (Egle Trincanato and Renzo Salvadori). Alas, my plans went awry when I discovered how difficult it can be to get a proper photo of a dwelling in the dark, narrow calli of Venice.

But, on occasion, I spot one of these buildings, and have a fairly good opportunity for photos.

One such, from the late 16th or early 17th century,  can be seen from the Fondamenta dei Cereri and also from Fondamenta de le Procuratie.


I wonder if the “elegant flats at either end of blocks” as described in the booklet, still exist?

This was taken from Fondamenta de Ca Rizzi.




Is this what is meant by a “Leonardo staircase”?

Image from internet

Image from internet



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15 responses to “Dorsoduro 2410-30

  1. And is that blue sky I see?
    Lovely indeed.


  2. Lovely photos Yvonne 😀 xox


  3. Looking at the Leonardo staircase it brought back memories of my JR high school (now call a middle school.) It had the same lay out. Except they were iron. Who new!


  4. julie

    Amazing Yvonne, I’d like to see those buildings when I’m there, looks like they are still in use going by the washing lines at the back, or is that a separate block of flats ?


    • There are 2 apartment blocks, connected by arches at the front and back. One end of the court is closed in, and there’s a ‘shrine against that end wall. Remind me, and I’ll take you!


  5. Ciao Yvonne,

    Love reading the history behind your posts. The “bridge” between the two buildings has a certain fragility about it. And no picture of Venice seems complete without the laundry hanging out to dry!

    Not venturing outside much this weekend. It is bitterly cold, following the sprinkling of snow we had over two days last week. It wasn’t much, but the windchill factor since then is firmly in place.

    Buona domenica y
    ciao from Vienna


    • I guess we’ll be getting your cold weather next, after all the rain and acqua alta!

      I just got back to my real apartment (See reply above), and am catching up on stuff.

      Cheers and quack. 🙂


  6. Oh fantastic! I was so excited when I clicked on your latest post to find my old home!
    That’s exactly what the internal stairs look like – as I described in my recent blog post, the stairs were steep and ended abruptly in little living nooks including my tiny kitchen.
    Here’s the link to that post:
    Hope you are managing to stay a little bit dry with all that rain and high water.


    • Hi, Karen. Well, how cool is that! I had read your post before, but sure didn’t put 1 and 1 together.

      It’s been so wet, from above and below. MAYBE it’ll be better by Wednesday. All of NE Veneto has really copped it.

      I had to move to another apartment for 3 nights, and there was no internet, so I have a bit of catching up to do.


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