You blokes get all the breaks!

The other day, Fausto  pointed out this “feature” on the wall of Campo San Sebastiano. I’d never given it more than a passing glance, it just looked like some sort of domestic project gone wrong.


But I was the one who was wrong. Fausto said there used to be a public urinal there, for the use of the men, of course!

You can make out where the water entered, where the plumbing was and the outline of the privacy enclosure, when you go to see this with your own eyes! The moss reminded me of the delightful book by Erma Bombeck “The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank.”


Thank you, Fausto, for giving me yet another piece of breaking news about your city!



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18 responses to “You blokes get all the breaks!

  1. This post is just potty Yvonne 😉 Ralph xox 😀


  2. It’s a wonder the bricks don’t crumble at the urinal.


  3. And just where are the “facilities” for the women????


  4. Perfetto……just like Paris! lol


  5. We get all the breaks ’cause we’re easy to please! 😉


  6. Bert

    Well, it makes a change from pissotte! It was, in a way, the opposite of a pissotta. That one could not have been the only one in Venice. Do you have time to find some more?


  7. Assuming there’s a missing “no” in your comment, I sincerely hope so! The olfactory ambience was pleasant, if that is any indication!


  8. Trust the the space is longer frequented for its former purpose?


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