Topa tour: the sequel

Thank you to Andante, who follows and comments here, I can present a sequel to the recent report on the topa tour with Gianluca.

Andante has sent this whimsical sketch of them being towed along behind Gianluca, in their dinghy named “Il annesso” (The Annex). Isn’t it brilliant!

Yatabaimage 001

(The sound of the acqua alta siren was heard early this morning, and my phone app predicts 115 cm at 9 this morning, and 10 on Thursday.)



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25 responses to “Topa tour: the sequel

  1. Sooo funny !! 😀 xox


  2. Jo

    Brilliant sketch! Keep your wellies close by!


  3. steven

    Wonderful sketch!


  4. I love looking at the tide tables when I’m back at home.

    No, I’m here until 21 March, Jude. I was just concerned your card would be floating around the place if it got here at high tide and no one was in the apartment. 🙂


  5. Giuditta

    Hi Yvonne, how about getting your rain boots at that kiosk near the train station you researched for me several years ago? Also please tell me the name of the acqua alta spp you have that warns you, Thanks. Giuditta


    • Hi, Jude. I’ll sit tight for now, I can always wait until the water goes down; I don’t have to go to work, or take children to school.

      The app (it just shows predictions, doesn’t warn me) is Water on Venice Floor (WVF). I think there might be others that SMS you if there’s the need.

      I keep looking for your card to slide under my door! (Oh, I hope it doesn’t arrive on Friday!) Baci to you three.


      • Giuditta

        Hi Eve Yvonne. Thanks for your reply. I don’t NEED to be warned when the aqua out is coming, I just always like to feel like I’m in Venice!! And I can’t remember. Are you leaving on Friday?


    • Caroline

      I’m not high-tech enough to use apps, but I use the comune’s website forecast – – and you can sign up via their site for texts (which don’t work for me, for some reason) & emails (which do) –

      Phil has a student from terraferma due round tomorrow morning & her dog has chewed her wellies, so we’re trying to arrange for him to meet her at the end of the passarelle with my wellies!


      • Thank you for the links, Caroline! I’ll see if I can get those warning texts!

        That’s rather funny about the pooch and the wellies. She must have been most amused, or maybe not. 🙂


  6. And there is a couple that I have been communicating with arriving in “my” apartment on Friday. Quite the introduction to Venice for Rena and her husband.


  7. This is generally a time of low tides, but we’re going to hear that siren quite a few more times, it seems. It’s new Moon on Saturday, so let’s see what extra influence she’ll exert in the next few days. Barb arrives with the full moon, so let’s see how that all pans out!


  8. Oh, I do love that sketch. Hope they will send a copy to you that you can frame.
    You are very like me that when life gives you lemons you make….not just lemonade but Shaker lemon pie (you have no idea till you’ve tasted that), lovely Greek lemon soup….you just name it.
    Like in 2012 when my landlord was very nervous and stressed out during my move (he really did move me)….I told him that what was a very stressful situation for him was just all part of the adventure for me. Of course a couple of weeks before my move he did have water in the apartment (and 140 would do it) because the text from the city (he does not live in Venice) came at 5am and he was sleeping so was not able to get there in time to take action.The water did come up really fast and a lot of people were affected. So no wonder he was stressed. He has since improved the sump pump which is why I was not moved for December 26.
    Hope they are just predicting high to be on the safe side. Take lots of pictures please.


  9. Frank

    What a lovely news you bring. Enjoy it everytime and keeps the line open to beautiful venice.


  10. What a great drawing! I remain bummed that I went home so early…


  11. What an absolutely charming sketch!

    Break out your stivali Y, I see a prediction for 140 on Friday. 😦 Although, I think that might be late at night.


    • Isn’t it lovely, Susie? I’d love to have a copy to frame. Andante is very talented, I do believe.

      My landlord was just here with “A PLAN” for Friday. They have to move all the furniture onto blocks (what a drag), and they’ll move me to another place. There’ll be lots of that sort of activity happening, I guess.

      Today, I visited an elderly lady in Cannaregio, she lives right by a canal. I wonder what she’ll do? I suppose she’s seen this before, plenty of times.

      Cheers from the Wet and Wonderful World of Venice! 🙂


  12. Lou

    You’re a hoot Yvonne! You make the most of everything. Your blog is so terrific. Xx


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