And me without stivali (rubber boots)!

High tide is still an hour away, but here’s the scene outside my door right now.

aacqua alta 005

acqua alta 001-001





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27 responses to “And me without stivali (rubber boots)!

  1. There are so many factors to take into account, including the massive (and mostly necessary) use of motorised boats, which must create unforeseen wave action that accelerates the erosion of the mortar in foundation and home brickwork.


  2. Son of Sharecroppers

    Wow. I keep reading that Venice is going to drown, especially with climate change.


  3. Caroline

    Have you invested in wellies now, Yvonne? You can get them for only E10. I wear mine quite a lot.


    • I keep thinking “This won’t last forever”, and do things like knit when I can’t get out onto the streets, Caroline. πŸ™‚


      • Caroline

        And now… high tide still over 2 hours away, and our street is already 7/8 submerged! With actual waves! To me it looks like it’s going to be more than the predicted 120cm.

        Remind me why you don’t fancy coming in the summer? πŸ™‚


      • Good morning, neighbour. It’s 112cm right now. And, there are more high tides predicted. (And rain.)

        Summer, eh? It’s sounding more attractive by the day


  4. What? No metal gate in the door and sump pump?
    It sounds like 2012 when my landlord moved me all the way to St. Elena. Well, I say “all the way” but from where I was it was only two stops on the vaporetto and a one minute walk from Karen and Mike.


  5. How did you “weather” the acqua alta? Did you remain in place?


    • That was just a baby one, and the water was no where near coming into the apartment. BUT, there’s a big one predicted for Friday, so if that happens, my landlord is taking proactive measures to protect his furniture and rugs, etc. He’ll put me somewhere high and dry … not the rafters, I hope. πŸ™‚


  6. Hi Yvonne πŸ˜€ Why don’t the locals change the name of Venice to Wellington ? πŸ˜‰ Ralph xox πŸ˜€


  7. Andante

    Our big moan about that boxing day Aqua Alta was that a vaporetto journey we were on got “re-routed” – hopping off one in the middle of nowhere, waiting for the next. “Magic Wellies” didn’t help then!


  8. Luckily for me my landlord has a couple of pairs of Wellies in the apartment and one pair fit me (of course with fat socks I could have worn the larger ones) but the Boxing Day Acqua Alta didn’t come in my apartment. And was down by the time I went out. That way I didn’t have to waste precious room in my luggage with those heavy and somewhat ugly boots (of course very precious when you need them).


    • I have waterproof boots, but didn’t feel like testing them out in the 5 cm’s of water in the calli. They’ve been fine in the rain, and puddles.


      • That was the same with my waterproof snow boots which came in really handy keeping my feet warm in 2012 but I never had to put them on this last trip. Lucky me I guess!
        I’m still amazed when I look at my photos and see all that blue sky.


  9. Andante

    …And that’s why we ALWAYS take our wellies with us to Venice! The magic is: if you have your wellies with you – you don’t get Aqua Alta. If you forget to pack them, …. up comes the water!


  10. There must be mildew growing on the walls with so much water around the buildings.


  11. Yup, that is a very tiny high tide.
    Do hope that cyclone misses your place….and doesn’t cause too much damage where it does hit.


  12. Bert

    Did someone mention home brewing? And open beers away from the toast?


    • Groan, Bert! πŸ™‚

      And, because you love this sort of thing, the origin of veer:

      Middle English veren, of Low German or Dutch origin; akin to Middle Dutch vieren to slacken, Middle Low German vΔ«ren
      First Known Use: 15th century


    • Hi, J. This was just a tiny high tide, but in lower areas of Venice, there would be more water to wade through. How are you doing?

      I see that back home (north Queensland), there’s a cyclone brewing. I hope it veers away from the coast.


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