La Manifestazione

While crossing the Accademia Bridge the other morning, I heard the sounds that herald a demonstration (manifestazione) … whistles, bull-horn, etc.

There has been quite a lot in the local newspapers about the cuts to the cleaning budgets for schools, with the result that schools apparently are becoming more and more dirty (sporco) and unhygienic.

This was a group of mothers (and a few fathers) and cleaning staff who had marched from Piazzale Roma and were heading across the city, making their feelings known publicly. Sometimes, there are more police than demonstrators, but not this time.

I wonder if there will be a positive outcome?





They are supported by the Italian Communist party

They are supported by the Italian Communist party



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11 responses to “La Manifestazione

  1. Andrew

    Where does the dosh go Y? Do you have to pay the 1.50€ daily tourist tax? Or is that only if you’re in a hotel. That alone should bring in a lot of money.


  2. JoanneH

    I am sure there is enough tourist dollars coming in that the powers that be could maintain the schools and see they are maintained. The Children of Venice are a part of its future and need a clean safe place to learn.


  3. manifestazione – perfect word for the situation!


  4. What a strange thing to cut. Those people in charge of the budgets obviously don’t remember their own school days. I also hope they are successful in getting their needs met.


  5. There are still articles in the newspaper about the issue, so it hasn’t been resolved as yet.


  6. What a cool thing to see. Best of luck to them!


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