What a good idea!

One day, I saw a gentleman peddling a strange vehicle and towing his carello (shopping trolley), on one of the calle of Venice. He went by too quickly to be able to capture him in a photo.

Then, while waiting for a vaporetto, there he was with his neat method of transport. I had time to talk to him, and found out he has painful legs, and can’t walk very far in his city. His vehicle is somewhat like a unicycle with training wheels. When he gets to a bridge, he gets off and carries his invention by means of a handle he has welded to the ‘bike’.



What a totally clever, cool man! He has worked out a way to stay mobile and independent.



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25 responses to “What a good idea!

  1. Cycling is illegal? I can understand why it would be, like on sidewalks…


    • Hi, Arthur. The little kiddies ride scooters (at speed), and then their loving parents carry the scooter over any bridges, for the offspring to hop onto for the next stretch of pavement. They have swirling good fun with them in the campos at night while their parents have a chat, some coffee, a drink.


    • Caroline

      Hah, there are only sidewalks in Venice! Some of them extremely narrow. Even the children’s scooters are only supposed to be allowed in some places, like the campi and wider calli. You do see the odd small child on a bike/trike too, regrettably. Personally I’d ban anything with wheels not required by people with mobility problems 🙂


  2. I love anything by Isabel Allende!


  3. Indeed, dear Yvonne. Oxygen was a contributing factor (or lack of it) when it came to longer distances, but he seldom complained and loved to travel. So, I really understand where your guy is coming from. It’s true, I am still often reminded of this, hence my original post.
    Ah, “Daughter of Fortune” is one that is on my wish list for too long now. Maybe get it from the library and start at the weekend.
    I would say that’s another good idea!!
    Ciao, ciao from Vienna


  4. Dear Yvonne,

    Really admire the innovation and that he found a solution! Maybe someone can help him get a patent? Would be so nice if he could get some kind of recognition for it.

    My daughter and I were talking of Thomas in Venice – he would’ve loved the atmosphere by the lagoon, but the bridges would’ve been a bit rough. My guess is he’d have been quite happy just riding the vaporetti and maybe an art gallery if there was one within easy walking distance. I think he’d have loved that invention, too!! 🙂
    Am in bed these days by 9:00-9:30, so it’s time to get a bite to eat.
    Have a lovely evening,
    Ciao, Liz


    • I take it that Thomas had mobility difficulties? we take so for granted our ability to move freely, or relatively freely, don’t we?

      I’m currently reading Daughter of Fortune, by Isabel Allende. What a good book!


  5. Caroline

    I wonder if he asked permission for it from the Comune? Given that cycling is illegal…


  6. Hi Yvonne 😀 What a good idea. Add a motor, floats and wings, no need for a water bus ride 😉 Ralph xox 😀


    • Trust your devious mind to come up with this idea, Ralph.

      I’m onto it, we’ll christen the first one SS Ralphie, OK? Can you be here for the ceremony? Bring the cats, please. 😀 oxo

      Ps Have you noticed changes to the ‘add a new post’ page? Suddenly, I am confronted with a new format, and “Non mi piace”. (Run that through a translator, it’s not rude.)


      • On my way….. oops, no, sorry…….my cats don’t like water except to drink 😉
        Yes, I did notice the new formats. I don’t touch it, I leave it on Standard and it copes well with the rubbish I post 😉 xox


      • Thanks, Ralph. I’ll see if I can get back to the Standard way of publishing rubbish!

        Are you fishing for compliments? Are you hoping I’ll say your stuff is not rubbish? Would I waste my time looking at rubbish!? Cheers. oxo 😀


  7. Kudos to him. Nifty and doesn’t take up a lot of space.


  8. It could come with a little motor for hilly places. I think it would take a bit of practice to gain skill and confidence!


    • I’m lucky that my mobility (arthritis) doesn’t affect my ability to walk on relatively flat areas….just a bit unstable on the bridges….but as long as I have the railing for balance I’m pretty good. So not looking at that little “riding machine” for me…but it would be great for some other people I know.


  9. What a fabulous invention. He could probably patent it and sell it.
    Not sure I would have that kind of balance though.


  10. And determination. I didn’t have time to ask him if made the vehicle himself, as his vaporetto arrived too soon. Maybe I’ll see him again, with a list of questions!

    Good morning!


  11. Pat

    That takes talent!


  12. He has it down to a fine art, Karen. I did a double take after he passed, you don’t expect to see someone on wheels in Venice!


  13. Love it! I’m particularly impressed that he can cycle AND pull one of those wheelie shopping bags! Karen


  14. Excellent! – You know what they say ‘Need it is the mother of invention’.
    I suspect he suffers from something called intermittent claudication caused by hardening of the arteries in the legs.


    • I reckon you’re right, he pointed to his calves when he told me about his mobility problem. (You probably know that “claudication” means “to limp”, and derives from the Latin claudicare.)

      In this city of bridges, I had been really puzzled about what he did when he came to them, so I was really happy when I saw him again, and had time to talk to him.


      • 🙂 – my mother suffers from the same complaint, I’ve had many a technical explanation of what’s what in that area.
        In my small experience if we show a bit of interest people are only to willing to stop a while.


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