Survivors: 2

I was walking home from a lovely lunch with friends from Trieste and Venice, when I noticed this tree in Campo San Geremia.



It warranted a closer look.


And, here are a couple of their very heartfelt, simple wishes.



There were many similar ones, expressing the desire for a settled family life, the ability to communicate with loved ones they left behind and so on. We who are so fortunate should walk a day in their shoes. Maybe then we wouldn’t be so harsh and judgmental about people who wash up on our shores.

I continued on my way home with my full belly and warm clothing. Near the Billa supermarket in Cannaregio, I saw something inside the entry to a bank building. I thought “Surely that isn’t a person huddled under that cover in there?” But, I was wrong, it was another struggling survivor.


I don’t know quite how to wind up this post. Maybe I just want all of us to be a little more aware, a little more tolerant of others. I’m going to try, anyhow.





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11 responses to “Survivors: 2

  1. hungryhungryhippo404

    We have to remember that they are people just like us, not just a label or a statistic. Thank you for this post Yvonne. It’s an important reminder of this, and this is something we should always be aware of when discussing disadvantaged minority groups who were not necessarily born with the same opportunities and advantages as us.


    • Totally agree, Julia.

      I’m trying to do a little research on another group of people who seem to arouse negative feelings, not only in Venice but elsewhere. It wasn’t until I actually stopped and spoke to one of them, and did a big attitude adjustment that I remembered they were “humans, not numbers”. If I find some information, I’ll be posting about them.


  2. I realise there are many sides to a discussion of this sort of social issue.

    I think Ralph has summed it up … there but for the grace of chance, go we.

    Count your blessings, folks.


  3. Moving and sad. In the eastern USA there is a terrible cold spell and undoubtably a number of homeless will freeze to death tonight 😦


  4. It wouldn’t take much for any of us to be in his/her position. Kindness is the only answer, a small bag of food and a hot drink maybe. Ralph xox 😀


  5. Dear Yvonne,
    Thanks for your very moving post. It really made me think that in our affluent society, there are those who are struggling, every single day, to stay warm and somehow get something to eat. Those who wish to be treated as people, and not simply as a number, in a system that so often just doesn’t care.
    So sad, dear Yvonne


  6. Sadly it’s not just immigrants who are homeless and hungry and freezing to death in doorways. As someone who has worked with the homeless for 24 years I know that there are many contributing factors.
    Grazie, Yvonne for bringing this to our attention, that in our beloved Venezia this goes on, just as it does in the rest of the world.


  7. Last winter, unfortunately, one of the homeless men that took refuge in the bank entrance (near Cinema Italia) was *not* protected enough and froze during the night. I passed on my way to work early in the morning as the coroner (and what seemed an entire barracks worth of Carabinieri) were just showing up… so sad.


  8. Yes, for many the grass is greener … I’ve lived in Mali and spend a lot of time in Mexico. If I was in their shoes, I’d be trying for a better life elsewhere. We have no idea how lucky we are to have been born in Canada or Australia or the US.


  9. Jan Graham

    Do agree , but somehow these people should realize the grass is not always greener,


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