The precarious looking chimney in Dorsduro I told you about 2  years ago, is still standing.


And, there are still skaters enjoying the pista da pattinaggio (ice-skating rink) in San Polo. But this year, there is no colourful, lit-up display at the centre of the rink. And, there used to be many stalls selling all types of edible goodies, now there are only a handful.

The children and adults using the rink didn’t seem to miss them.


If you rent skates, you get vivid orange ones. A few people proudly sported their own skates.



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8 responses to “Survivors

  1. Do you skate Yvonne, or are you on thin ice all the time ? 😉 Just asking !! hehe. Ralph xox 😀


  2. Andante

    So glad you’re enjoying Venice as much as we did – possibly even more, as your weather seems a bit brighter than the stuff we had in December! We left on 30th, just before the New Year Rush – too hectic and crowded for us. Came back with sore throats and colds, sadly – but it was worth it.


    • I’m sorry about your sore throats and colds, get better soon. The weather went belly up after New Year’s Day, but this afternoon saw the emergence of the sun, and the forecast looks optimistic. Yay!


  3. hungryhungryhippo404

    Wowsers, those chimneys are impressive! I travelled to India a few years ago and I thought I’d seen some pretty unorthodox building designs/repairs, but I believe these chimneys may just take the cake in that regard!


  4. Change happens at different rates, but inevitably nevertheless.


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