Another fine day for gli ibernisti

The local newspaper Il Gazzettino reported on the annual madness that is the dip into the Adriatic by gli ibernisti, so I am able to provide these faultless statistics to you.

With 60 swimmers/waders/bobbers ranging in age from 12 to 77 years, cheered on by about 3500 enthusiastic and warmly clad onlookers, it was  a most happy occasion. The sun shone, the air temperature was around 14 degrees, while the water was a balmy 8 degrees. (You stubborn folks who don’t use the metric scale can figure this out for homework.)

Hard working volunteers from the Protezione Civile del Lido prepared oceans of lenticchie (lentils, essential for a lucky new year), 160 kilograms of cotechino (an acquired taste, take my word for it: a sort of glutinous sausage), and some more oceans of red wine.

The kiddies, young and old,  loved the big, big soap bubbles produced by 2 hard-working clowns, and we all enjoyed some excellent live music.

This is a really lovely way to start the new year. If you’re in Venice on New Year’s Day, do consider going down to the beach on the Lido to participate, one way or the other, in this fun event.

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30 responses to “Another fine day for gli ibernisti

  1. Lynda

    What a great way to spend New Year’s Day – I can hear you laughing and laughing all day long, except for trying the gross looking food….but I guess the wine helped!


  2. Frank

    My wife and I were one of THE ibernisti. For THE fifth time and if I may say iT is THE best thing to start THE New year from Holland with love Margriet and Frank


  3. Something similar happens on New Year’s Day here in the states (ugh, I have to say that now being “back”) they call it the polar bear plunge. And I’ve seen it on the Vancouver, BC news…not this year though because we know where I was….but not joining you happy people on Lido though.


  4. And “they” say there’s no global warming, Melissa. I’m quite content to have cool fingers and toes.


  5. Melissa

    Yvonne, 40 degrees here in Brisbane today and 43 degrees tomorrow – please send more photos of the cold!


  6. Oh boy, Marco and I are famous now that we have been pictured on your blog! Don’t worry Y, we will share some of our soon-to-be riches with you!


    • May I please be your agent? People have my contact details, so it’s probably better that I screen the people clamouring to know more about you! With Justin Bieber retiring … do you sing, by any chance???


  7. Looks like a lot of fun, especially the wine! 😉


    • It’s been going since sometime in the 70s, according to the newspaper report, and seems very popular with local folks. This year, there were brave participants from the USA, Ireland and Holland, apparently. Not one from Australia, though. :-).


  8. Hi Yvonne 😀 You made quite a splash with this post 😉 xox


  9. steven

    “Glutinous”–yep, Yvonne, that’s the perfect description of cotechino, I think; I didn’t know how to describe it. Sandro ate it last year, but wouldn’t touch it this year (though he loves salami, he wasn’t taken in by any superficial similarity). There were a lot of people there: do you think the 3,500 figure given by the paper is accurate? I couldn’t even guess, but it seems like a reasonable estimate. My cousins are coming into town from Piemonte for a visit tomorrow, perhaps we will run into you. A presto.


    • Sandro is a wise young man! Hey, would Il Gazzettino ever exaggerate? I think not. 🙂

      It seems to be the way I find you people, just by chance in some little corner of Venice!


  10. I read between lines that you have some perplexities about cotechino?
    I have none, I love it!


  11. My extended (Italian) half of the family in CT also have lentil soup on old year’s eve. But think jumping into icy water is asking for trouble :). Hate the cold, and sometimes wonder what I am doing in this part of the world, esp. Jan./Feb. Last year we had -20c at night for well at least half a month – it was a challenge.
    Ciao, Liz


  12. JoanneH

    What! You didn’t jump in? just think of the beaches below Atherton and think lovely and warm, though I saw sausages on some of them no oceans of wine which is more my style


  13. It’s one of those “It feels so good when you stop” situations, I reckon.


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