What the tourist saw

You’ll find this lad and his dog in Campo San Maurizio. He’s a little under dressed for this cool weather.


I want you to use Google translate to find out what this sign says. The first one with the correct answer wins … I’ll think of something.


A happy and healthy 2014 to all of you, and to those you hold dear.



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19 responses to “What the tourist saw

  1. It’s easy to translate literally, but how would we say this in English?
    This is not a toilet, or Don’t urinate/pee here!



  2. julie

    Happy New Year Yvonne, have a wonderful time !! hugs x


  3. You have confirmed my suspicions. I have a highly intelligent group of readers following this blog. Well done, all of you.

    However, a few of you need to refine your thinking a tad. Not to point fingers, you’ll know who you are. But, I still love you all.

    Happy New Year, and I hope you find a pisciatoio when you need one.


  4. It says, ” Give me some money or p*** off !!” My Italian is so much better than my Spanish 😉 Ralph xox


  5. Pat

    Knew right away that it meant this is not a place to piss LOL!!! That’s a keeper!


  6. And in my meanderings everytime I saw graffiti of any kind….I thought of Yvonne….oh, and with every pissota. Do you have any idea how many of those darn things there are? And I’ll bet most tourists are clueless….I know, in general but particularly about that “funny thing in the corner”.


  7. JoanneH

    I agree its basically this is not a urinal or place to piss
    keep the photos coming you always brighten my day with them



    this is not a place to piss!


  9. Without using Google I think it says – This isn’t a piss corner.


  10. elizabeth davidson

    “not a urinal”. and Happy New Year 🙂


  11. Andrew

    Not a urinal??? That graffito is opposite the apartment we stay in. With your back to him you are looking at our first floor apartment. 440€ for the week was very reasonable.


  12. Jan Graham

    Have a very happy New Year, an a enjoyable stay in Venice , where you staying this time,


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