Value added numbers

You’ll see plenty of examples of the old and new street numbering system, if you look at and above the doors in Venice.


But sometimes, you’ll get an added bonus, for no extra cost, as in these examples.


Note the old number





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7 responses to “Value added numbers

  1. Intriguing system, top rated photos!


  2. They might as well have multiple address numbering systems in Venice… they go well with the ever-changing street names!


    • I wonder if we’ll ever see the end of the discussion/argument about the street names? I hope the Venetian contingent is the winner. How about you?


      • Agreed. Once upon a time, I had a “direct report” responsible for street names and address numbers. No.Appeal.Period! Many street names scattered about the shire were too similar to avoid confusion. A broken relationship resulted in the ex’s new home address number being out of sequence with the neighbors, forever putting them in a geographic purgatory.


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