Centro Scalzi: another little mystery

When you go to the train station in Venice, you can choose to use a walkway/ramp, tucked away on the right side of the station. It’s not at all obvious, and is overlooked by many people who  struggle up the stairs with their burden (heavy luggage).

I’d read that behind the wall you’ll see to your right as you walk up the walkway, is the Centro Scalzi. I can’t find out much about it. They do have a Facebook page, but the  most recent communications were from November, 2012.

One morning when I was catching a train to Padua, the gate in the wall was open, and I caught a tiny glimpse of what is inside.


They do seem to hold courses on art, particularly that of Tiepolo, and also with Saint Teresa as the subject.

Saint Teresa, in the Scalzi Church. (Santa Maria di Nazareth)

Saint Teresa, in the Scalzi Church (Santa Maria di Nazareth)



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12 responses to “Centro Scalzi: another little mystery

  1. Hi, I posted something on the Chiesa degli Scalzi in my blog, maybe it can be of some interest for you:


  2. Bert

    The façade of the Scalzi church was covered in scaffolding a couple of weeks ago, and I expect it still is.


  3. Hi, Arthur. Isn’t it amazing what is hidden behind the wall! I sure will try to gain access during the next visit. Have a wonderful day, amico.


  4. The Scalzi Church is worth a visit, Michelle. They had a lovely presepio, as an added bonus.


  5. Maybe I’ll take a meander over there.


  6. Hi Yvonne! I visited that place in october 2011. It’s a huge garden with vines, wellhead, madonna and nice chapel at the far end.
    Going back to Venice this winter?


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