The IUAV (Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia – Architectural University)  dates back to the early 1920s. Many would be familiar with the premises at Santa Croce, 191, which features an attractive entrance way designed by that genius Carlo Scarpa.

Another campus of this University is housed in Ca’Tron, a palazzo on the Grand Canal, at Santa Croce, 1957. The palazzo has a small garden generally accessible via this gate at 1954.


Don’t be put off by the guardian of the gate, nor this watchful fellow.


The palazzo can be traced back through the late sixteenth century. I surely don’t know if these relics date from that time.







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28 responses to “Ca’Tron

  1. According to Karen the fritelle that were out for Festa de la Salute where not the same as the ones that show up sometime in January and she doubts they will be early. As a fritelle addict I’m sure if they were out there she would know. Okay maybe the word should be connoisseur…not addict.


    • I reckon Karen would be correct! 🙂 In photos, they looked larger and flatter than the little balls of temptation.


      • That is what she said and that they were spreading them with Nutella (my fave) and folding them over and eating them like a sandwich.


      • Andrew

        Sorry but Karen is right and wrong. Salute fritelle are flat efforts fried and are available during that festa near the Salute church- I had one in November. A bit in the shape of a naan bread. But I definitely had a carnevale style fritelle during the same week from the baker I mentioned above. A choice of crema, veneziana or zabaione.


  2. MaryK

    Aaah the annual fritelle yearning, and this trip I’ll definitely be there for them! Crema for me – but I’ll taste a goodly selection just to make a proper comparison. I’m planning a trip to Padua to taste some from a store Daniela recommended earlier this year (note to self -must find that link that I carefully filed away somewhere…….)


  3. Fritelle season already started here 😉 … Ca’Tron – almost makes me want to go back to architecture school!


  4. Andrew

    They were selling fritelle for the Salute festival at the baker’s near the bridge between Campo San Stefano and Campo Maurizio. They may do them for Christmas and New Year, mvaden1948. Delicious.


  5. Jan Graham

    Yvonne you certainly find some hidden gems,


  6. Bummer, I bet fritelle season won’t start early enough for me…departing (I don’t even want to think about it) January 2. You’ll have to eat my share. And I’ve never even tasted one.


    • Keep your eyes open. Last year, you could get them far later than usual, maybe they’ll start early. But, oh, they’re too tempting, Michelle. Wicked!

      I finally discovered that some of the blogs I follow (yours included) arrive in my reader, not in my email.


  7. Hi, Arthur! Nice seeing you here again. 🙂


  8. Arthur Carey

    Everything is most interesting, and I am enjoying the photos.


  9. He’s a pretty one!!
    Last year when I was in Venice…..around the 5th….fritelle started to show up. OMG…..they are wonderful. I think I’m in the minority when I say I like the cream better than the marsala. (is it marsala or another alcohol?)


  10. Yay! You’ve got your font back.


  11. It’s also just steps from Tonolo…in case hunger strikes.
    If I recall correctly there is a large persimmon tree in the courtyard. Although I may have been hallucinating….


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