Apologies to my followers

It seems I’m not out of the woods yet, with little hiccups on WordPress.

The post I was just starting apparently went out in an extremely premature version, so just ignore that. Thanks, Ralph for letting me know. I owe you something or another.




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20 responses to “Apologies to my followers

  1. Hi Yvonne, the weather is really cold here: snow this morning, but it didn’t stay on the ground. Hurricane-force winds on the West Autobahn, a huge pile up of cars and lots of fire engines out in really dire conditions, to sort it all out. Not good at all! And yesterday they had storm surges in southern England that they haven’t experienced in 60 years. People being evacuated and homes flooded. I could go on and on, Sorry, maybe one shouldn’t ask how the weather is πŸ™‚
    And today we remember Madiba, whom we lost yesterday evening. His legacy will live on.
    Have a nice weekend


    • My gosh, what terrible weather!

      The world has lost a giant, with the death of Nelson Mandela.


      • Indeed, Yvonne. Have been listenning to BBC online all day. In spite of his greatness, he always had his feet on the ground, no matter whether he was in the company of statemen and women, royalty or ordinary people in a township.
        Ciao, Yvonne and have a nice weekend,


  2. I thought I left a comment. Oh well, I do hope all the effort is worthwhile and that all is working again?
    Ciao from Vienna, Liz


  3. Yvonne,
    The office I just retired from stopped calling it their “customer service center” about a year ago because they got so many complaints about lack of service. And remember I worked in the Public Welfare Office! They now call it the “customer contact center”. Oh, joy! So glad I’m gone from there.
    And of course very happy to be in Venice at the moment.


    • It’s difficult, I guess, because there are so many more of us customers to deal with, nowadays. But, what a pleasure it is when we hit someone who has enough experience and good communication skills to sort things for us, painlessly. I had someone at the other end of the phone who fit that description yesterday.


  4. Does this now mean that everything is OK?
    I hope so and that they will really go “somewhere far away.”


  5. Dear Yvonne,
    Hope you manage to get it sorted soon.
    Have a good weekend


  6. MaryK

    Oh dear – you are having a week of it aren’t you. Hang in there – the technology gremlins will up and move on to someone else soon – just as long as it’s not me (as I’ve had my turn this week!)


    • Mary, then the camera on my Smart*ss phone failed and Cedric the Sissy car needed a new radiator. That’s enough, thank you.

      Have you got your problems sorted?


      • MaryK

        (Fingers crossed) Yes – we’re back online……

        I have spent later part of this week of joy ‘negotiating’ the labyrinth that is that service wonder Telstra about the new phone line. Even though I’m considered a priority as I’m a business customer – with an account manager whose job it is to make this all happen seamlessly – I feel like I’ve spoken to a large % of their (overseas) call centre staff. And whoever dreamed up the automated calling system where a disembodied voice phones you and requires you to “answer a few simple questions” so that you can get your line technician request ‘prioritized’ needs to be sent to a very, very nasty place for a very, very long time………..

        The upshot of this is that I get to drive 300kms on Wednesday so I can check if the phone line is working (and then 300kms back!) – because they swear that they can’t check remotely if the switch over at the exchange has worked correctly. This I find somewhat hard to believe – but there you go.

        Good luck with your gremlins. You’ve had your three – so I’m sure they’ll move on soon.


      • Oh boy, Mary, where has the concept of customer service gone? I sometimes wish the CEO of various organisations was forced to make use of the automated systems and find out how frustrating they can be to busy people like you. I can’t believe you had to drive to and from Melbourne, that’s just over the top bad. Thank goodness Venice is looming in your future.


  7. Arthur Carey

    Always good work here πŸ™‚


  8. Oh no, now I not only have to worry about WordPress, but what you might come up with, in your wild imaginings.

    Sleep well Ralph, and thank you once again for being my early warning system. Besos, amigo xox


  9. Oh yes Yvonne. You owe me big time. It’s 1 am here in Spain and I am going to work on it while I am asleep. Don’t panic …umm…. yes, I should panic if I was you πŸ˜‰ hehe. Ralph xox πŸ˜€


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