On the bounding main: 4 (Wrapping it up)

What’s happening? Man down! The rumour is he has a fractured femur. Now, we see the first aid team go into action, and an ambulance bloke arrive. They lifted him onto a pallet and hoisted him over to the dock.

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Phew, lucky that was just a practice run for everyone!

I think this is the lifeboat I’ll be in if we have any problems. That’s good, I like those oars.


Now what?

7 bells have just sounded. Is that the signal for happy Hour? No, I remember now, it’s time to get up on deck, and get a life jacket and abandon ship!


In the middle of this, a deck hand noticed that a big fish had taken the bait at the end of the long line trailing after the boat. Everything came to a halt as it was hauled in.


There’s always someone who is late for the action.


Have I missed something?

Quick, get your life jacket on, dude!


I’m really happy with my life jacket, obviously.


What’s that? Oh, this is just another  practice, and it really is Happy Hour after all.

Some good stuff about the MV Trinity Bay:

* they generate their own 240 volt power. (Darn, I could have brought my hair-dryer)

* they have an on-board desalination plant to supply potable water

* they have their own sewage treatment plant!

* all food scraps and left-overs are frozen for disposal when the ship docks (Jude, the Purser said “If it’ll attract flies, we freeze it”.  Simple really.)

So, that’s it folks, my big cruise has come to an end. Would I go again? Yes, but not in the hot weather.


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13 responses to “On the bounding main: 4 (Wrapping it up)

  1. Great series… thanks for all the work in writing that lot up. very interesting 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Caroline

    Thanks so much for your fascinating report! I do like the photo of you in your life jacket – although it seems strange to see you in a t shirt!


  3. Come in number 31 your time is up !! xox 😀


  4. Hi Yvonne, that was a great post!!
    It said 2 responses, but I couldn’t see them.


  5. I agree, the picture of you is great!


  6. Impressive how “green” they are and love the picture of you!


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