Technical hitch

Something has gone awry with my posts on WordPress, so that the text seems to be written in invisible ink!

You can/might see this because I’ve changed the font colour. But, I don’t really want to do that to each and every post.

So, I’m waiting for some help from the Support folks, and hope they can sort this quickly.

Cheers, patient people.

sadPS If you are devoted enough to leave a comment, you’ll be able to see your comment, and my answer, by running the cursor over the area, and highlighting it. Isn’t this fun?



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21 responses to “Technical hitch

  1. it’s like navigating in thick fog… what’s going on WP?….


  2. MaryK

    Balls have crashed to earth a bit today…… and with an unexpected group of 6 for dinner tonight, I am somewhat frazzled…. But hey! It was 36c in Melbourne yesterday and a lovely 21c here – so at least the weather is on my side. 16 days until The Big Move – then Christmas, then only another 6 days after that until I get on that lovely plane to Venezia


  3. MaryK

    And I thought it was just me having a day of computer problems……. on hold to my internet provider now (yes at 5.52am) as our (expletive deleted) server is down (again) and has been since 7pm last night. Thank goodness for mobile connections – at least I’m not marooned completely.

    Good luck with the ‘vanishing’ issue – hope you’re back clear as a bell soon.


    • I’ll take my tiny problem any day, Mary. May I ask who your provider is, down south? Baci


      • MaryK


        I have to say that their customer support is good – they respond to email, twitter and phone promptly – and they have 24/7 support. But – and it’s a bit but – when they have an outage it’s a whopper and it can take upwards of a day to resolve. This one is not just our server – it’s a goodly part of Victoria. They’ve got our website back up and running (moved it to another server overnight), but I have no connection and neither do several of our other offices. Oh well – a quietish day for me then as I can’t work on the office computer (it’s so ancient it won’t talk to my phone hot spot!)


  4. JoanneH

    I got it and it was quite clear…………………..must be because I am in the Bathroom =Los Banos………………….


  5. I hope it doesn’t hit me also. What would all those people depending on me for their Venice fix do?


  6. Argh – you poor thing!


  7. OMG! I can see this but once I post it will be like the others I’m sure. Did you hit a wrong key?
    Definitely worth more than one glass.


    • No, I’ve been on the forum, and it has been an ongoing, random problem,. Random in that it hits any blogger, even those who have an upgraded service. I hope the dreaded thing doesn’t strike you!


  8. Hi Yvonne. I see your problem as well !! I went into WP Support Forum and saw your thread. It may take a volunteer a while to respond. Good luck Yvonne. Have a glass of wine while you are waiting. πŸ˜€ xox


    • Oh, Ralphie, you are so sadly faded! Have you been out in the sun for too long??

      Thank you for feeling my pain, but just one glass?? For an earth-shaking problem like this?? If it wasn’t so hot, I would try your cure, with a hat, scarf, hot water bottle …

      Besos, amigo xxxxx


      • Hello sweetie πŸ˜€ As you can’t read this I can say what I like πŸ˜‰ Before I fade totally into oblivion I would just like to say, “mucho besos amiga !!” πŸ˜€ xoxox


        • Yippee! It’s wine o’clock here Down Under, so I feel much better already. Soon, I’ll be crooning “Show me the way to go home …”

          Are you over your man cold? I’ll take your mucho besos and raise you one. xxx


  9. I hate when that happens! Glitches are not cool, hope things are repaired soon!


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