There’s a fight on at The Writer’s Room.

Just so you know that male kangaroos can be mighty mean! Thanks, Laurie.

Laurie's Photos and Musings

I took these photos on Monday morning, well actually I took 72 photos. These are the best of the bunch. We were having breakfast and my wife Lorelle looked out the window and called out, “Leave the poor thing alone, she’s only little.” I’m used to these indignant outbursts on behalf of the local female kangaroo population. “Leave them be,” I said through a mouthful of eggs and beans, “that’s how life is with those randy old Roos.” –  “Oh, now they’re fighting.” My camera, with 500mm lens attached sat on the table, dropping my knife and fork I picked it up. Still munching I went outside and there they were, two large male kangaroos facing up to each other. Bear in mind this action is taking place about 50 metres from the front of the house. So let’s follow this exhibition of WWRW, that’s World Wide Roo Wrestling with a full commentary…

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2 responses to “There’s a fight on at The Writer’s Room.

  1. I enjoy Laurie’s blog, he always has an interesting topic, and good photos.


  2. JoanneH

    Great photos lucky to live were you can see nature


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