News flash: unpaid plug

I know that some of you follow the excellent blog written by Phil Jones about the decision he and his wife Caroline made, to leave soul-destroying jobs in Edinburgh, and take the steps needed to make a new life in Venice.

Phil has now written a book about their experiences, and it is available from Amazon as a paperback, with an e-book in the pipeline.  My copy has been ordered.



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12 responses to “News flash: unpaid plug

  1. MaryK

    I am eagerly waiting for my copy to arrive…… Amazon say it’s been shipped – so now I wait on Australia Post to bother to deliver something…. (the best record so far is 9 days for a standard letter from Melbourne to here. I could have walked it quicker)


  2. Arthur Carey

    I didn’t see a Kindle edition, but one might be available later.

    Some interesting Venice items above…


    • Hi, Arthur. Phil said there should be an e-book version in the not too distant future. Have you sampled any of his blog? He and Caroline are the nicest people you could wish to meet!


  3. It sure makes a difference if you can get some sleep on the plane, but that Venetian ambiance keeps you going until it’s time to go to bed, local time.


  4. Well, I guess if it isn’t available for Nook I’ll just have to put an Amazon app on my Samsung tablet.
    I hope to get to meet Phil and Caroline in Venice. I arrive Friday. Having dinner with the Hendersons that evening. Of course they will have to prop me up.


    • I’m so glad he decided to convert their experiences to a book.

      Nah, a young chick like you, so happy to be back in Venice, you’ll be quite OK during dinner. You can fade when you get back to Castello.


      • Only you could refer to me as a “young chick”. Of course I got my shot in my knee yesterday so should be walking better than last year. And I’ll be more rested than last year starting out because I’ve had this time prior to departure off work, nearly a week. Getting lots of rest and hope I can sleep on the plane. Hmm, may pick up some Benedryl when I’m out tomorrow…the drowsy kind.


  5. PhilJ

    Thanks Yvonne, the cheque is in the post!

    Linda, I’m hoping the ebook will be available by the end of the week/early next week.


  6. What fun….I want to get an electronic copy!! Hope its available soon!!!


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