Pecora Nera, Mrs Sensible and a nude selfie.

I’ve been following this interesting, amusing blog for a while now. I thought Pecora Nera (Black Sheep) really outdid himself this time.

I’ll see you folks soon, I need to get my photos (and my brain) sorted!

Englishman in Italy

Selfie – “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one that is taken with a smart phone by stretching ones arm to the limit and then trying to press the camera button, the photo (that you will forever regret taking) is then uploaded to a social media website” – has been named word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries editors, after the frequency of its usage increased by 17,000% over the past 12 months.

Purely in the aid of research, I did a quick search on Google images for ‘selfie’ and I was astonished, amazed and even gobsmacked at the number of women who took selfies of themselves in their bra and knickers.

Not to be outdone I have decided that Mrs Sensible and I should  post our very own selfie. After searching through the selfies that Mrs Sensible and I have taken over the years, I have…

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11 responses to “Pecora Nera, Mrs Sensible and a nude selfie.

  1. Dear Pecora Nera,
    So sorry but there is a “no pets” policy at the apartment in Venice, much to my dismay as I would love to have Scooby visit for the month I’m there but what would you and Mrs. Sensible do for entertainment? And keeping the rest of us entertained.


  2. Hi Ytaba30,
    Many many thanks for reblogging my post. It was a spur of a moment post. 🙂


  3. It’s an absolute winner of a blog, well worth going back right to the beginning.


  4. Grazie for introducing me to this blog. I’ve been sitting here laughing out loud at the “Why does Mrs. Sensible buy cat food…” post. Love it.


    • If you have fallen in love with Scooby Doo, I can wrap him and DHL or UPS him to you. He left me a little parcel in my garage and is in disgrace at the moment.


      • I do love Scooby Doo but… by the time you wrapped him up and got him in the post I’d be on my way to Venice.
        He doesn’t sound like a cat that would do well in my indoor cat only apartment. And I’m not sure my Lili (who has been and only cat for sometime now) would be very appreciative.
        Guess that “parcel” was not a mouse.
        But thank you for the offer.:-)


        • Scooby Doo would just absolutely love Venice, just drop me a line and I will send him on his way. No his little parcel, which was actually quite a large parcel for a cat was not a mouse. Scooby is not the kind of cat that brings back nice presents, he kind of just ‘dumps’ unpleasant ones.

          Mrs Sensible said he just needs training.. I will try and capture the ‘training’ sessions on film 🙂


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