Men at work

I spent quite some time watching these men handle and plant these large ‘logs’, one cold January afternoon. It seemed that they were going to be used to replace the decayed supports of the bridge in the background.

Occupational Health and Safety officers in many countries would shudder at the lack of safety gear, and the rather dodgy work surfaces! I admired their dexterity and skill in handling those large logs much as you and I might pick up chop-sticks and embed them in a container of sand. There wasn’t one wasted movement, and the members of the team worked in a beautiful unison.  All in a day’s work for these men. Bravi!



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6 responses to “Men at work

  1. The beauty of craftsmen/craftswomen in action is inspiring and too often underrated by the average observer. Very well done, thank you!


  2. Yvonne….a great little side show…the only thing missing?
    KA THUNK….KA THUNK….!! 😉


  3. I could say the same sorts of things about the construction workers here in Mexico. Amazing what they can do with so little equipment.


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