What happened to the numbers between 352 and 407?

Another quirk of the street numbering system in the most beautiful city in the world.




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27 responses to “What happened to the numbers between 352 and 407?

  1. Yesterday in my meandering I saw (and heard) a Venetian postman with a package in his hand and his telefonino to his ear trying to find out where the package was supposed to go. I would have snapped a picture but it wouldn’t have been fair with the look of frustration on his face.


  2. Andrew

    Perhaps Harry Potter knows of a house in between


  3. It’ still has a touch of mystery about it, Michelle. Why in heck have this complexity? This sort of gap in numbers will be on my agenda, next time.


  4. Looks like Bert solved the mystery!


  5. Bert

    These two numbers are on Fondamenta Savorgnan, Cannaregio. 353 is in Campiello Pesaro. 354 to 357 are in Calle Pesaro. 358 to 388 are in Calle de la Misericordia, which connects Calle Pesaro with Lista di Spagna. 389 to 392 are in Calle Pesaro again. 393 to 406 are in Campiello Pesaro again.
    I wonder if the odd arrangement could be something to do with parish boundaries?


    • I wonder how long it takes the folks who deliver the mail to get this sorted, Bert? We’ll have to look for other such anomalies, and see whether the parish boundaries could be involved.


      • I have been living in Venice for 35 years and never understood how the house numbering works. Things like that happen everywhere in the city, so that it’s almost impossible to find a number without taking advantage of a “stradario”. Don’t trust too much the address search on Google Maps, the last time I used it, I was sent a good 15 minutes walking away from the right place.


        • Chuckle! That sounds about right. It’s comforting to know that someone who has lived here for so long is still confused (by the numbers, I mean). 🙂

          Buon Anno! I hope to see the fireworks from the Riva degli Scgiavoni. I hope no one pushes me into the lagoon!


  6. Hi Yvonne,
    Nice to hear from you.
    Yes, it might well have been a good spritz 🙂 and also not knowing where the time and numbers had gone, 🙂 !!


  7. Something like that could well have happened, Liz, and also it might have involved vino or spritz.

    Sunday is drawing to a close, the weeks do fly by.


  8. Hi there,
    I think the one on the morning shift did some overtime and forgot to tell the guy who came after him, that he should start with a different number!

    This is what goes on all the time at our new building, but especially with regard to outside persons collecting things at the front desk.
    Have a lovely Sunday


  9. Wild! And what a great photo!


  10. They are across the calle…lol1


  11. Lots and lots of rooms in the attics! There are no basements in Venice. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving.


    • Caroline

      That’s what I thought, until we stayed in a flat with a basement! What’s more, it contained the washing machine which we shared wih the owner upstairs and which stood actually on the floor, not on any sort of platform – so that basement presumably never floods. This was on Fondamenta Bollani and I can only think that must be a particularly high islet.


  12. Maybe there are secret rooms in the attics or basements.


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