Well, I never!

I just had a notification from WordPress that it is now 3 years since I began this journey through blogdom.

How shall I celebrate?

I know what! I’ll give you a tip on finding a WC in Castello, as well as a Public Shower. Just follow the arrows.



The only snag(s): the Docce Pubbliche was firmly closed, as was the WC. Two “in need” ladies were not amused with the latter state of affairs. I don’t know if they took my cheery advice to hie themselves to a nearby bar, order some coffee (or something) and use the toilet there.

This was the first post on my blog:Β  https://ytaba36.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/october-5-2010-to-all-the-knit-wits-in-my-life/



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31 responses to “Well, I never!

  1. Caroline,
    That is really good to know about the new card. So I just won’t bother with the new form yet as it will probably all change in a few years when my Imob is due to expire.
    And, Yvonne, it is sometimes good to be the younger one…considering I am so much older than everyone I work with….including my supervisor. So, not old enough for the free loos. Ah, well.


  2. Caroline

    Hu Yvonne, congratulations on such a successful blog & thank you for all the entertainment!

    From summer clothes with bare legs & sandals last Sunday (albeit with a cardi) to a fleecy-lined coat & gloves today 😦

    We now have Venezia Unica cards (which started last month) so can report that you get them in exactly the same way as an IMOB card – fill in a form (currently still the IMOB one!) at certain ticket offices & hand over your dosh plus any previous card & anything qualifying you to a cheaper price (in our case, our carte d’identita’). We just did it when our old cards expired, but if you want, you can exchange an unexpired IMOB card for a Venezia Unica card with the same expiry date, free. There is however no advantage to be gained at present, but they do promise these extra facilities coming later, like WC access as mentioned plus civic museum access. However I’m assuming that both of the latter services will still only be free for those who get them free now – i.e. elderly or disabled residents for the loos (at least, that’s my understanding) & all those resident or born here for the museums. So I’m not sure what this new facility adds, since the carta d’identita’ serves for those services at present (at least for the museums), and you are legally obliged (in theory) to carry ID at all times anyway.


    • Brr, it sounds like the weather changed abruptly, Caroline! I wonder what this winter will bring to you?

      Thank you for the local knowledge about the new card, it sounds like “they” have plans for the future. I recall being in Venice when the imob was introduced, it was a hot topic!


  3. Y- Buon anniversario! BTW, the WC in Castello (in your photo) has been open recently. I used it not long ago! The public shower I don’t think so. I didn’t think this new card was available yet. Hmm. Free WC on it ? And I just paid 3 Euros for the WC card good for 3 years unlimited use (hahaha) on any of them! Have to be an old person to get it though!


  4. Bert

    Re J.Hoefer’s comment, when I’m having fun and living life I think that there is nothing more boring to do than to time flies. πŸ™‚
    They are so fast and so alike, it is difficult to be sure that you are timing the right fly.


  5. So funny. I took the same picture of the “Alle Docce Pubbliche” and was about to post it soon. I have never noticed the sign until now. Are they ever open?
    Congrats Yvonne. Yes! Aperol spritz (I would accept Campari too) and gelato.


    • Hi, Daniel. Oh, good, someone else who’ll use Campari. I’ll meet you at Nico’s, OK?

      Like you, this was the first time I’d noticed the sign, and followed the arrows. It doesn’t look like it ever opens, but who knows? It would be interesting to know the history of the public baths.


  6. MaryK

    And a very happy anniversary to you! Cake and candles? Champagne?


  7. J.Hoefer

    Time flys when your having fun and living life…..


  8. That can backfire. A and I decided to sneak into a restaurant in Mexico to use the wc, but they had a maitre d’ at the door so we ordered beer, used the wc, drank the beer, and left. Of course after the beer we needed the wc again.


  9. Congratulations Yvonne for wanting to spend your 3rd anniversary in a public loo. Now that’s original !! πŸ˜‰ Ralph xox πŸ˜€


  10. Barb

    I’ve just glanced through several of your previous posts. Keep up the good work. Your photos and thoughts have been enjoyed by so many folks in so many places. I look forward to seeing “Hello World” in my e-mail listings for a long long time.


  11. Andrew

    Apparently the new Unica card which replaces the Imob card will enable you to use the exhorbitantly priced WCs for nothing. That’s if you can find one open.


    • Woot! Please let me know how painless it is to swap from the imob to the Unica. (I think you folks have the imob card??)

      The absolute best WC (and it was only 1 euro earlier this year), is the one at the train station. I give it 5 stars.


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