Nothing too demanding today

There’s something about this mailbox that I find strangely attractive.


You’ll find this rusty gate if you walk around a lot on the Lido.





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6 responses to “Nothing too demanding today

  1. Is that perhaps a Pizza Margarita? Given all the water in Venice, perhaps one just expects things to get rusty there?

    Hope you’re doing well, Yvonne? Weather is definitely changing here – grey skies, cold and blustery :).
    Liz x


    • It looks like winter is trying to make an early arrival, Liz.

      We deal with a lot of rust and mould in the tropics, but it’s not as interesting as that of someone else, it seems! 🙂


  2. I still find it hard to reconcile my attitudes to rust that is unattractive / potentially dangerous / likely to fail and, as here, rust that is attractive / poetic / emblematic of a city. It’s OK in Venice so why not around our house?


  3. elizabeth davidson

    the mailbox reminds me of a pie plate or pastry. maybe we like it because it looks like desert!


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