It’s spring in Dismal Swamp

Another cheerful post for all of you. 

I cuss this tree in autumn as it drops nuts, leaves and branches all over the driveway. Then the new leaves and blossoms appear, and I forgive and forget.


Many of my trees and shrubs are going all out with blossoms and fragrance.


An old-fashioned, blowzy, fragrant rose.

The gardenia's fragrance helps me do my deep breathing exercises!

The fragrance of the gardenias helps me do my deep breathing exercises!

Even the azelias have earned themselves a reprieve for the time being.

Even the azelias have earned themselves a reprieve for the time being.

The native lilly-pilly blossoms are driving the bees crazy!

The native lilly pilly blossoms are driving the bees crazy!

It was market day in a neighbouring town. People were enjoying a rest, chat and snack in the outdoor garden of a tea-shop.


This lady on stilts was advertising the book sale in the community hall.


And, courtesy of a friend (thank you Colin), here is a cheeky Willie Wagtail playing with some Guinea fowl.

130928 b territory_colin-1

They are such delightful little birds.

And, to ensure your cup runneth over, what better way to leave you than this:



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16 responses to “It’s spring in Dismal Swamp

  1. Loved the azaelia – they are so delicate! Reminded me of he town where I went to boarding school. Their flower was the azaelia and they had a festival and chose a princess each year.
    These pix definitely brihtened up a decidedly grey and chilly day over here.
    When will you be in Venezia again, dear Yvonne?


  2. Caroline

    It looks lovely there – I didn’t realise you have a beautiful garden!

    Definitely autumnal here now in Venice – I wore a jacket all day yesterday for the first time since mid June (still only a linen one, though) and it’s raining a bit today.


    • You’d probably love my garden, it’s all native shrubs and trees, not one skerrick of grass to worry about!

      I was reading about Vere Gordon Childe and Skara Brae today, lead there from Bill Bryson’s book At Home. You were probably out having fun and spriss!


  3. Ah, not Venice but your cheery photos make it look far from a dismal swamp, bella. I have no idea why, but people on stilts give me the heebie jeebies!! But aside from averting my eyes quickly over that one {no offense to the lady on them ~ I’m sure she is lovely!!}, the scenery there is beautiful. Happy Sunday.


  4. Wahhhhh! EMI blocked the video in the US on “copyright grounds”!


    • Well, we often can’t access videos here in the bottom half of the world, so the shoe is on the other foot this time! Those Willy wagtails are such fun to watch. But they can be very territorial:


  5. Rainy and stormy here too but we can always use it. Just a nice, semi lazy day.
    Oh, that is a cheeky little bird!
    I could almost smell the rose and the gardenias. Thanks for the whiff of spring on this early autumn day when I had to turn the heat on for the first time in months. Every year I try to at least get to the first of October but usually ends up being the last weekend in September. We did have a glorious summer though….without it getting too hot.


  6. Rainy and stormy here so your pictures are extra appreciated.


  7. JoanneH

    Love the lady on stilts will have to show friends of the library maybe we can find someone to do that for our sale


    • She was so cool! They were selling raffle tickets. It will be just my luck to win, the prize is a UNICYCLE!!!!


      • JoanneH

        good luck with that. I attended a 100th anniversary event a few weeks ago and the door prize was a horse, as well as trips etc., needless to say I handed my ticket to someone else as I don’t need another horse 15 is enough! if I held on to the ticket it would have been my luck to win it, sadly I did not win the 2 weeks trip to central america which would have been more to my liking.


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