Time for a change

Right, enough of the heavy stuff! Today, let’s take a tiny peek at things you might see in Chioggia.

Museum: Clock Tower  "The oldest clock in the world"

Museum: Clock Tower
“The oldest clock in the world”

And there it is

And there it is

Chioggia, like Venice is an island with canals, boats and bridges.

It has colonnaded pedestrian walkways.


Many people use bicycles as their form of transportation. This one was a nifty hybrid model.


Unlike Venice, Chioggia does have motorised vehicles and thus the roadways to cater for them.


You will find fragments of frescoes and many street shrines.


Refuge of Sinners is a Roman Catholic title for the Blessed Virgin Mary.





And just some little details to catch your eye as you wander in the sunshine.

There, I feel cheered up. How about you?



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25 responses to “Time for a change

  1. Yvonne,
    Would it be a good trip for a sunny December day? I already have the directions by boat that I cut out of a travel magazine before I ever when to Venice the first time…


    • Yes, definitely. Michelle. Just check online that the details from that article are still accurate. The trip by vaporetto, bus, ferry took roughly an hour.


      • Since the article is from 2007 I would definitely check first. Of course it will be if I can stand to leave Venice. I usually can’t.
        It might be better to leave long trips (an hour or so) to the fall of 2015…yes, already there it a “next time” in the works.


  2. MaryK

    It’s been on my ‘must visit’ list for so many years now I’m embarrassed that we’ve never been. I do seem able to wile away all my available days in Venice itself and a sunny winters day is usually a good reason for a trip to Torcello. But Chioggia does look delightfully tempting – I’m going to make a concerted effort to look this way instead of towards Torcello if the opportunity arises!


  3. Caroline

    Another one here who must get round to it! Our excuse now is “next summer, when it’s not an Art Biennale year…”


  4. Pat

    I have to make it there one day. Just looked up how to do it by boat and it makes for a very interesting day…


    • It definitely is, Pat. If you’re a morning person, all the better, you’ll have lots of time to prowl around. And, there’s so much to see on the trip there, mainly from the ferry. I’m hoping to get off at Ca’Roman on the way back and walk to Pellestrina this time. That takes you along a skinny stretch of sand with the Adriatic on one side and the lagoon on the other. We’ll see what happens!


  5. Andrew

    Thanks for that ray of sunshine, Yvonne.


  6. Jan Graham

    I really like Chioggia we often squeeze a visit in when in Venice,


  7. stephanie dupont

    jolie balade..!!!! ciaoooooo


  8. Had to look it up on Google maps – pretty!


  9. Lovely…hmmm, probably not a place to visit in December though.


  10. Nicely done! May need to get down to Chioggia some day! Thanks!


  11. They sure have a lot of religious symbols in Italy. Lots of statues and carvings too. Always something interesting to see.


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