Basilica San Marco: on the loggia

When you visit the Basilica you can , for a few euro, gain admission to the museum and the loggia. It’s well worth your time, money and effort (the steps are steep).

On the loggia, you can begin to see some of the external details of the Basilica and its surroundings.

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25 responses to “Basilica San Marco: on the loggia

  1. The Doge is Francesco Foscari.


  2. My last trip I made arrangements to be at the base of the closest flagpole you can see from that webcam (wrong time of day to be on the loggia) at 7:30 pm…in my white fur hat. It was 10:30am in Seattle and my friends got to see me….a very tiny me but they could tell from the hat.
    I may do it again this year but they have to look for my leopard hat!


  3. It had been a few years since I had visited the Basilica….then last year I spent a few glorious hours in the prayer section quietly drawing….it was wonderful!!!
    This year I’ll venture up the stairs……thanx for the lovely post!!


  4. JoanneH

    Best 3euro you will ever spend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Bert

    You didn’t take Frank’s photo from the loggia, though.


  6. Andrew

    The lion on the flagpole makes me smile. it’s the way he’s holding the sword.


  7. Maybe if you go slow, and have the better half pushing??? How are you, not long now until you’re back there.


  8. Jan Graham

    Some lovely photos Yvonne, would love to do that, but would surely brake my neck with the stairs,


  9. Love the artistry and design!


  10. As always, photos just can’t convey how special this experience is. The museum is excellent, and there you can see the 4 horses that used to be on the loggia. In 1980 when Jim, Kirk and I were there, little did I know that we were standing under the original horses, on the loggia!


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