The Hotel Excelsior, that is. You’ll find it on the Lido.   http://tiny.cc/jehl3w

It was built in 1908, and is apparently rather posh. I just trudged past it on my way back from a very long, enjoyable walk from Malamocco, via the murazzi (sea-wall).

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24 responses to “Excelsior!!

  1. I like the private landing dock. Wonder how much it costs to make use of it for the day? ‘fraid it is also probably waaaay over my lowly budget too.
    But the pictures were nice, sigh ……


  2. It was the end of an excellent day, walking in the sunshine along the Adriatic Ocean! If you have time, come along with me on that walk. (I’m going along on your camping holiday.) https://ytaba36.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/oh-boy/


  3. What a beautiful place. I love the towers. I think a bit pricey for my budget, but great pictures! 🙂


  4. Caroline

    Another aspect of the Excelsior I’ve remembered. Last summer Groupon had a special offer on a day’s use of their beach – reduced to a fantastic (c.) E350 for the front row or E250 for the back row, for 2 people. Bargain!!


  5. I’d bet a few euro that the architect did not stay there. We may never know.


  6. Caroline

    It was all done up last year and DH had a student for a few months who was an architect from Milan working on remodelling the rooms. He never managed to find out if the bloke actually got to stay there himself or what!

    Michelle, sorry, George Clooney stays at the Cipriani!


    • I’d stay at the Cipriani with Mr. C….or just entice him back to my place. He might like Castello in December. In my dreams!
      At the moment he’s in Vancouver, BC making a movie and the Canadian news is talking about how gracious he is to his fans.


  7. I looked and it does indeed look lovely but waaaaaay out of my price range. I like my lovely apartment in Castello, thanks.


  8. I’d stay there if you twisted my arm.


  9. JoanneH

    To be in Venice on that beach instead of behind this damm computer typing my fingers to the bone………………..gotta pay for that winter hay


  10. But it’s a great place to meet the very rich (or the very broke).


  11. Hmmm…one night there or two to three months in an apartment in Venice…now that is a no brainer.


  12. It sure is! I went onto their site (via the link above) … wow! I could have booked a room next Saturday for about 4000 euro. I didn’t bother.


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