Corte Bosello, Castello

Just when I needed someone in the photo, to give a sense of scale, no one showed up.

The entryways appeared so much lower than the ones in the building to the left of the photo. Now I’m cussing myself that I hadn’t thought to include them in a photo! I’d really like to know the story behind these few homes.




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15 responses to “Corte Bosello, Castello

  1. I have been intrigued by this Corte myself. I went back through my photographs, but like your photos, there were no people in them. Darn!


  2. A Venetian acquaintance says:”la mia impressione anche negozi o luoghi di lavoro o anche abitazioni provisorie per marinai che venivano da fuori”, which translates to: they might have been shops, workplaces or temporary homes for sailors from outside (Venice).


  3. Thanks, Jude. It’s not far from San Giovanni in Bragora.


  4. Hi Yvonne, we’re staying in Castello, so I’ll find it for you and take a picture with people (or us!)

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  5. Doesn’t look like much room to make the door taller.


  6. My first thought also, Bert. But, why didn’t they increase the height of the doorways over time? I’ll be back a closer look next visit.


  7. Bert

    The level of the pavement could have been raised over the years to counteract the rising sea level and the sinking of the land, as as happened in other parts of Venice. The buildings on the right would pre-date the raising of the pavement, if my guess is correct.


  8. Midgets … or …people were a lot shorter back then?


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