More knockers: Cartagena edition

Here’s a special treat for all you lovers of knockers out there!
All the way from Cartegena, and with the kind permission of Short Term Memory, here is a veritable feast of them.

Short Term Memory

Last month, our friends Josh and Rebecca took an awesome vacation to Colombia.  From the photos they posted online during their trip, I knew that they were having a blast in Bogota, Cartagena and coffee country. What I didn’t realize is that Rebecca was preparing a surprise especially for this blog!  More knockers!

You might remember these twoposts of door knockers in Old Town Alexandria. It became a habit for me to start “collecting” these.  Well, now Rebecca has added to the Short Term Memory door knocker collection with some really cool examples from Cartagena. Sea monsters, lizards, lions, gods and devils – even some sort of free mason knocker!  I love how the knockers reflect the location.  Cartagena is a port city on the Caribbean coast, with an old walled city built to protect it from pirates. It was a major trading hub and a loading point for…

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10 responses to “More knockers: Cartagena edition

  1. I was thinking of you and your “knockers’ this morning, Yvonne. I was watching a travel show about Malta and she was showing all the knockers they have there.


  2. Hehe !! If I hadn’t read the post and just the comments I would be in stitches because one English slang word for breasts are knockers 😀 Ralph xox 😀


  3. PhilJ

    Is it only me, then, who keeps being reminded of the “What knockers!” line from Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein”?


  4. It seems there are showy knockers all around the world!

    And, I have had 11 visitors to the blog from Haiti today .. what’s all that about!


  5. Now those are some really nice knockers!


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