A peek into a private garden

Private corte


September 6, 2013 · 7:12 am

13 responses to “A peek into a private garden

  1. Bert

    I think that the booze may have been something to do with what happened!


  2. Bert

    It was her big day too! Her wedding day!


  3. Maité, I think it was in that general area, but I can’t say for sure!


  4. Fondamenta Briati ! Buona giornata, a presto !


  5. Oh I love that! I can’t help peeking into private gardens myself when walking around 😉
    Great pic!


  6. Bert

    That’s no way to treat a lady! It looks like a representation of the abduction of Hippodameia by the centaur Eurytion.


  7. 🙂

    We had a lovely time in Venice!

    We made a video, crammed it into 15 mins! Enjoy!


  8. Good afternoon, Joanne!


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