Madonnas in Venice

In similar fashion to “Those carved things up on walls”, statues and other representations of the Madonna are ubiquitous in Venice.

Here is just a tiny sample of the examples you might see in Venice or the islands of the lagoon.

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20 responses to “Madonnas in Venice

  1. Thanks, it’ll give me something to do, because as you know, there is nothing to see or look at, eat, drink or experience in Venice!
    But seriously, it’s great to have an extra quirk to your time.


  2. Sue, isn’t it lovely when folks give us so much time and help! Please let us know how successful you are. One of those Madonnas is on Torcello. You have to walk down a vague path to the right of the churches, and you’ll find her, tucked behind some shrubs. It’s the one where the Madonna is on a blue background, with a cherub below her. Good hunting!


  3. Annie

    Just found the first one! Cannaregio 5529, close to the church of San Canciano. Not sure if I have “first and second” connected to your slide show accurately, but this one is the photo where the Madonna’s face is partially degraded.


  4. What a great collection of Madonnas! I see two where she appears to be suckling the babe – the second one is Santa Croce 2042 on the bridge close to Santa Maria Mater Domini.

    Not sure about the first one – I don’t think I’ve seen it before but if I find it in my archives, I’ll let you know! Cheers, Annie


  5. Bert

    I found some more on the veneziamuseo site.
    1000254 Campiello Correr (One I should have recognised, as I have a photo of it). 1070202 Fondamenta Ca’ Labia – not 100% sure. 1070480 Calle Corrente. 1010412 Ponte del Cristo – the one off Campiello del Spezier. 1060206 Piscina Sant’Agnese. 1050522 Calle de le Turchette – the one I mentioned on Time Takes its Toll – Turchette delights = Turkish Delights.
    There are some missing links on the site, so I wasn’t able to see every capitello in Venice.


  6. Many of them look really familiar…probably some I walked by every day…or at least every other day.
    I’ll have to start looking again in 86 days!


  7. Bert

    The one with the jagged canopy, 1010180, is in Calle dei Fabbri. It’s been cleaned since I took a photo of it in 2009 – it was completely black. 1070113 is at the end of Calle del Traghetto, near San Felice. 1000507 is on the wall of the Servite monastery. 1060625 is on Murano, near the clock tower (19 Calle San Stefano), tbp. 106082 is in Calle Lezze – it seems to have lost its canopy since I saw it in 2010. I like to think of Mary saying, “This little piggy went to market …” 1050243 is on Fondamenta San Giobbe.
    Those are the only ones I recognise. Sorry I can’t help Sue. I bet Annie has the answers.


  8. There are so many lovely madonnine in Venice that I often take them for granted. Many of these are very familiar, yet I can’t tell you where they’re located. Thank you for the post, and thank you for reminding me to pause from time to time and have a better look.


    • Buona giornata, Marie. If a visitor has the luxury of ample time in Venice, the wealth of details is nearly overwhelming. And, that’s just in the “getting lost” parts of the city.


  9. Love the one where Mary seems to be suckling the baby. Can you remember where it is…I’d love to see it in the flesh when we’re in Venice in a couple of weeks.


    • Oh Sue, how I wish I could tell you where to find that one, but I can’t! It may be that Bert or Annie will supply that information for us. I’ll do a little snooping, and see what I might find.

      How long will you be in Venice? Have a wonderful time.


  10. Everywhere, and in such variety.


  11. You weren’t kidding when you said they were all over the place, eh?


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