Calle de la Canonica

You’ll find this Madonna and  attractive balcony  very near the Basilica di San Marco. I don’t think the pigeon will still be there …






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19 responses to “Calle de la Canonica

  1. I’d love to see that flag also.
    There was a post on the blog “I’m not making this up” about police being investigated for accepting bribes for giving these vendors permessi di soggiorni. Guess they all were getting just a slap on the hand.

    I, too, would love to see that flag.


  2. I witnessed graffiti being removed right near my apartment in December…of course it was my landmark they were removing! Ah, well I’d been there long enough to recognize the corner by then. And it was a drawing of a cat and no, I did not put it there….don’t own a spray can but do know where I can get one….just over the bridge and up the calle from the apartment….nice little artist supply shop with cans of spray paint on display in the window.
    Really, honest, I would never do it.


    • Caroline

      Michelle, that would be nice.

      The problem with the locks is that as I told the bloke, although I admire anyone trying to do something about it, it’s not enough – unless maybe people see them out doing it every day. When I returned a couple of hours later it was business as usual, several vendors openly standing around with fistfuls of the things. (And although the bloke had an obviously very heavy trolley half full of the things, I couldn’t actually see the difference as there are so many now.)

      There was also a report in the paper a few weeks ago of a carabinieri day of action which they were patting themselves on the back about – they took all the vendors in, confiscated 25 (!) locks, checked their papers, found they all had permessi di soggiorni… & let them go with a warning. (Since presumably they didn’t get their pds by saying they had jobs as illegal vendors, I don’t see why they couldn’t be revoked…) And of course they were all back in action the next day. So other than having a policeman stationed there permanently, I don’t know what can be done.

      I did like these activists’ flag, though, when I’d read about them in the paper, also a few weeks ago – the Venetian flag but with the lion holding bolt-cutters instead of a sword 🙂


      • I (and lots of other people, I’m sure) wonder why nothing seems to be done about the many illegal vendors who ply their trades in Venice. There must be something going on behind the scene about which we know nothing.

        I’d love to have seen that flag!


  3. Ciao Caroline,
    I’ve been to restaurants around here that have outdoor seating with plastic owls to deter the “little birds” from bothering the diners and they seem to work. Until of course the little birds get smart and realize those owls never move. 😉
    Are there birds of prey that eat pigeons in Venice?


    • Caroline

      Hi Michelle – interesting to hear that.

      I’ve heard of a couple of people saying they’ve seen seagulls killing pigeons (John Berendt claims to have seen a seagull plucking out the heart from a live pigeon) , but if it does happen it’s obviously not often enough & seagulls aren’t much better anyway!

      On a similar them I saw a bloke on the Accademia bridge early this morning with boltcutters & a shopping trolley half full of cut-off locks! I gave hima ‘bravissimo’ but said I fear it’s not enough…


      • Sad that something that is meant to be romantic is so destructive.

        Caroline…if you are available maybe we can meet for a coffee in December (you’re welcome to a spritz….I just don’t drink…very “un” Venetian I know)
        You can get my private email from our mutual friend Yvonne.


      • The lock removal project is the initiative of the same group of concerned Venetians who are trying to remove graffiti when they can. They had a big clean-up near Campo Santa Barnaba earlier this year. They were also responsible for the removal of that ugly kiosk that appeared at the base of the campanile. Bravissimi, indeed!


  4. Caroline

    Just catching up, Yvonne – I’ve stopped receiving your alerts for some reason.

    Mm, lovely balcony – quite modern, by the looks of it, do you think?

    I don’t know about the pigeon still being there – looks like it was a real one? 🙂 I expect you’ve noticed the balcony on the Grand Canal which has 2 model birds of prey, presumably to deter pigeons? I considered trying one of those in Edinburgh but didn’t know if they work


  5. I know this balcony – its part of a lovely little hotel I once stayed at 🙂


  6. JoanneH

    your photos always make my day thanks so much for your great eye and for sharing it


  7. Lovely Madonna but I really, really love that grill work on the balcony.


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