Those carved things up on walls

I’m never sure what to call them. Some are patera, some are stemma (family crests), some are non lo so (I don’t know). But, they’re all over and quite beautiful.

Here is  just a tiny sample of the hundreds (maybe thousands) that you can see when you look up, in Venice.

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16 responses to “Those carved things up on walls

  1. hahaha, really well observed!


  2. Cose no glucosio qui qualcosa non funsiona


  3. Cara Yvon Devo un po’ tirarti pianino le orecchie quelle ,cose, che Tu chiami, sono delle opere d’arte,.10 per il video ma 4-per la dicitura ciao


  4. Bert

    Oh, you teaser! I know about half of them.


  5. I need to figure out how to do that on my blog.
    Lovely pics by the way.
    98 Days!
    And three months from today (for those of you in Oz it’s Aug. 22 here) will be my last day at the office!


  6. Jan Graham

    I like the format Yvonne, you are clever,


  7. I wonder what I’d choose for a family crest.


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