Detail: vera da pozzo

There are so many beautiful wellheads to be seen in Venice, some very simple, others quite elaborate.

When you have finished looking at doors, reflections, pissotte, boats, bridges and so on, turn your attention to the vere da pozzo. You may begin to appreciate those long ago craftsmen who turned an  everyday object, designed for drawing fresh water, into works of art.




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15 responses to “Detail: vera da pozzo

  1. No! I didn’t know that.

    How strange, today I thought “There haven’t been any posts from beyondthe bridge for so long”.


  2. Did you know that some “vera da pozzo” are real and others are fake to hide the Campo where there were graveyards?



    I love them too….I started to take a lot of pictures 😉


  4. Grazie for that link. I’ve bookmarked it for my trip.
    And look what I found….a lovely picture of Karen and Mike’s apartment. For those who haven’t been there…it’s the upper terrace…without a roof (just the terrace is without a roof).

    Also found a nice picture of the Rio dei Scudi right outside my apartment.
    107 days, 9 hours…but then who’s counting.


  5. MaryK

    And some of the most entrancing are quite small and are tucked away.

    I think it was you Yvonne who some time ago posted a link to this site where they’re mapped:

    I’ve had some lovely walks going to visit some of the more obscure.


    • Hi, Mary. We’re having a touch of your winter weather this morning!

      And, people wonder what there is to do in Venice for more than 2 days, eh?


    • Oh, Mary. What have you done? I had my day so nicely planned …


      • MaryK

        You are more than welcome to my winter weather – it’s been an extraordinary 10 days with constant gales, hail and feet of rain. Quite sodden we are! I’m sending you some more……

        And yes – that site is quite addictive. I’ll just look at one more section……. (3 hours goes past)………


  6. Another of my favorite things in Venice!


  7. This is what makes Europe so fascinating. There’s history and culture everywhere.


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