Who’s that at the door?

If you are a senior citizen (or anyone who is security conscious for that matter, or maybe you’re avoiding a bill collector), it helps to know who is at the door before you push the buzzer to open the door.

This is one way that ingenious Venetians have solved this problem: a mirror angled just so, in order to be able to see, from your 3rd floor apartment,Β  if you want to open the door.




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8 responses to “Who’s that at the door?

  1. Brava Yvon sei un falco lii vedi tutti brava


  2. http://aroundbyanamaria.blogspot.it/

    I saw one just like this in Cannareggio πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  3. These are rather like the pissotte, in that once you spot one, you start to see more of them around the place.


  4. Those Venetians were really onto something!


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