Here’s one way to do it

I can recall being puzzled about how boat owners got off their boats and onto dry land, when their boat was tethered against a building, with only water between them and a fondamenta. Not long after we had this brief discussion on the blog, I saw this fellow leave his small blue boat, and achieve his goal. Sheesh, don’t slip!






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14 responses to “Here’s one way to do it

  1. Bert

    Rio de la Tana, a wall of the Arsenale on the right. That must be the top of the campanile of San Marco in the distance.
    Take a look at the boats moored along Rio dei Zecchini, Cannaregio, and wonder how their owners get to them. There has to be another boat involved.


  2. Good thing he wasn’t loaded down with parcels.


    • I guess growing up in a city where the streets are made of water creates skills the rest of us don’t have, Joanne and Anneli.

      Darlene, you’re so right … or a squirming toddler would add a challenge, too.


  3. Probably takes some practice.


  4. JoanneH

    Looks like he does it every day born to the moves


  5. Watching people get on and off their boats in Venice tells me it is indeed in their DNA.
    If I had to do it I would spend more time being fished out of the canal than I did on the boat.
    115 days, 22 hours, 49 minutes (thank you computer count down)


  6. I hold my breath each time I see Roberto do this while getting off his gondola! Good equilibrio/balance needed.


  7. Andrew

    Don’t do this after a night out on the tiles!


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