The north entrance to the Arsenale

This photo of a portion of the Arsenale was taken during an all too brief helicopter flight when I was last in Venice.



An art exhibition earlier in my stay had provided the opportunity to get into the northern entry to the Arsenale, and the chance to prowl around that part of the site. (You can click on any of the images to enlarge them.)

The spirits of the men who had worked here seemed to imbue the area with a special feeling.

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By chance, I found that the masegni (paving stones) that had been removed for the work on the campanile in Piazza San Marco, had been brought here for safe keeping . Each one was numbered, and photos had been taken to show where each stone had to be replaced.



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28 responses to “The north entrance to the Arsenale

  1. Caroline

    Really, we went on a “visita al chiaro di luna all’Arsenale militare” on July 26th last year, they do do them occasionally We saw it listed in La Nuova and you had to sign up with the naval personnel at the monumental entrance from something like 9am on the day you wanted to go. They did 4 or 5 evenings over the course of a fortnight then and I’ve seen it in the paper once more since, in the autumn I think. Everyone had to take their passports/ID cards!



    I would like to visit every part of it ….It’s lovely


    • Same here. Ana. Maybe Gian or Stefano could arrange that for us? 🙂


      • Caroline

        I think it is almost possible now, if you are here at the right time. Between the official Biennale spaces, the less-official Biennale spaces in the Arsenale Nord and the moonlight tour of the military sections, I think we’ve covered just about all of it (although not the interiors of all the military buildings).



        I don’t think so…it’s a military zone…they don’t open the area for visitors :(.Werner was there for ”Mare Maggio”, But I called and they told me they don’t make it anymore…but maybe who knows….one year… ;)…I follow them 😉


      • We always seem to want what is off limits, don’t we!


  3. So, we missed the north side again on our last interlude. Fascinating women kept showing up to share our time…


  4. Superbe le diaporama de cette partie de l’Arsenale.
    Il y a de nombreuses années je suis passée avec le vaporetto par la porte nord, c’était magique ! Mais il a été supprimé ensuite..


  5. Caroline

    Approaching the ‘Arsenale Nord’ from the Celestia end via the metal walkway, the Biennale collateral events this year start right from when you enter the ex-workshops from the walkway just after crossing the bridge. There is some fantastic use of the space and its industrial remnants, such as artworks draped over the remains of old furnaces! And it’s extensive – we only managed what I estimate to be a third to half of the Arsenale Nord exhibitions on our first trip (nearly 3 hours) yesterday – never mind the ‘official’ Arsenale Biennale space!


    • I am so happy for you, being able to really take your time to explore the many unofficial sites. Do you think you’ve made a good lifestyle choice? 🙂

      (I don’t know about eating nervetti, though. Bleh.)


      • Caroline

        Now we are on holiday again it seems like a good lifestyle choice – less so when we are working 🙂 But I suppose that as a trade-off, 9 months of the year doing a job I don’t like against an anual 3 month ‘holiday in Venice’ is pretty good!

        Btw, wee current vignette – it’s 6.40am and a cruise ship is blowing its horn on its way out!! B*stards!!!


      • Growl for that Grande Nave!


  6. A helicopter ride over Venice – WOW, that must have been spectacular.


  7. Barb

    I was just talking about that art exhibit recently. I have a nice photo of you taking a photo that day.


  8. Great slide show. Love the submarine. Can’t you just see it chugging along the Grand Canal?
    118 days!


  9. Numbers and photos. Good ideas!


    • And, I hadn’t given one thought to the tons of paving stones that would have been removed. A fellow who was involved in the moving to and fro just happened to be there that morning, and explained it all to me.


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