There are many architectural features to capture your eye in Venice: doors, windows, arches, and so on. This last time, I started to notice how many crosses  can be spotted, all over the city.

Here are just a few.











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17 responses to “Crosses

  1. We very seldom have the full story. Unless we were there and a participant we have no idea of what is really happening and probably not even then. We all come with different perspectives.


  2. I can’t speak for everywhere but in Seattle and Los Angeles they tend to get beaten to a pulp by the police or worse…shot. Very, very sad. We see it on the news all the time. Of course considering that they only put the worst cases on TV and in the newspapers it probably doesn’t happen as much as we would think by all the publicity.


  3. It does make sense that one would find many crosses in Italy anywhere. Venice is truly a magical place. The video takes away a little of the magic, though! Amazing how people just stood around and watched. Poor guy. All over a permit! Yikes! 🙂


    • it sounds as though many are protesting about this ‘incident’, so perhaps the power of social media will come to his aid.


      • It would be nice, though I guess one won’t find out what happened to this individual. They’re playing “Born Free” on the BBC online, “you’re free as a roaring tide,” which seems a kindof appropriate background for this post.


      • I hope so. That seemed very harsh for being a street artist without a permit. Yikes!


        • Caroline

          Well, I’m no apologist for the police as a rule, but we don’t actually see the full episode in this clip. It only starts with him violently resisting arrest after allegedly becoming abusive – and he ended up being charged with criminal damage. What do the police do with people who resist arrest elsewhere?


  4. Caroline

    Ah, this incident was in La Nuova yesterday or the day before. A guy who paints in the street had been warned he needed a permit, the carabinieri went back a few days later to check, he still didn’t have one and didn’t see why he needed one, allegedly got abusive & possibly violent and ended up being arrested.

    The 3 white crosses all look similar and quite recent, I think? I wonder if they are the work of some sort of evangelical group or individual?


    • It sure got quite heated.

      You’re right, there were quite a number of the white painted ones. Sigh, will we ever find out more about them?

      Is the break going wonderfully? I do hope so. Baci.


  5. Karen

    Totally off topic here- but I just noticed something. Your photo on the top of the page is Strani, on Via Garibaldi- andyou may have one of the last photos of their old tables and chairs out in the street. They changed to new ones- A light colored wicker type chairs, lighter, all low tables. I swear i walk past them every day by mistake, still looking for the old ones. Love your photo!


    • Well, heck, how could Strani go and do that to us! The sunset just caught Strani (and the place next door) beautifully.

      How’s that garden going? And, what was this about, do you know?


  6. Lots of religion over there.


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