You are my strength

What a great motto to choose

What a great motto to choose



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  1. This is from Bert. For some reason, WordPress did not notify me of a new comment. (If anyone else has had this problem, let me know. I think Lizby has had some difficulties posting comments, for example.)

    I looked for “Tu fortitudo mea” and found that it occurs only once in the Psalms of the Latin Vulgate. There are two versions of the Psalms in the Vulgate, the Iuxta Hebraica (i.e. following the Hebrew) of Jerome and the Iuxta Septuaginta (i.e. following the Greek Septuagint), which makes giving chapter and verse and quotations complicated.

    Psalm 30:5 has “ … quia tu fortitudo mea es” in the Iuxta Hebraica, but “ … quoniam tu es protector meus “ in the Septuaginta. This corresponds to 31:4 in the King James version: “ … for thou art my strength.
    Psalm 19:14 has [KJV] ‘ … O lord, my strength and my redeemer.’ The Vulgate [18:15] is ‘ … Domine fortitudo mea’ in the Iuxta Hebraica version and ‘… Domine adiutor meus et redemptor meus’ in the Septuaginta.”


  2. With all the time you have spent wandering Venice it’s hard to imagine you don’t have at least one friend with a boat. Maybe next trip you can make one….a friend with a boat that is…not the boat itself.


  3. Beautiful Venice craftsmanship!


  4. Andrew

    From Psalm 19.


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