Santa Maria degli Angeli, Murano

This is  the church on Murano that is often overlooked. The other 2,  SS Maria e Donato and San Pietro Martire are more likely to have been heard about, or stumbled upon by the visitor to this island north of  Venice.

I had been trying for a number of years to gain entry to this church, and then I finally realised that it is open for mass on Sundays. I’m glad I went, the congregation was small, the mass quite informal. And, the church is lovely.


The front of the church, and campanile

It was Easter Sunday when I attended, and the bells sounded like this:

The long entry corridor to the church surprised me.

Santa Maria degli Angeli

I took one photo of the interior.


The church has been subjected to major restoration/renovation work in recent times. 

There used to be a convent here, and Casanova had at least 2 lovers among the residents.



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20 responses to “Santa Maria degli Angeli, Murano

  1. Joseph

    Thanks for your post! I’m wondering if you know what time Santa Maria degli Angeli is open for mass– I’ll be visiting Venice in March and would like to try to attend.


    • Good morning, Joseph. I can’t remember exactly what time mass was, but it was possibly at 10 or 11. All I can advise is to get there plenty early so you have less chance of missing it.

      If I go to Murano before March, I’ll look to see if there is a notice of times on the door, and let you know.


  2. Thanx Yvonne…..It was on my list for last year. Never made it inside…so thank you for the glimpse!! I’ve been in the other two churches on Murano.


  3. Have so enjoyed your photos and listening to the chiming of the beautiful bells.
    It reminded me of Burano’s little church, which has a similar entrance, with a lovely statue of John Paul II. Unfortunately, don’t think I took any photos inside.
    Having trouble posting these days.
    Greetings from sunny Vienna


  4. I really enjoy your blog about the Venetian life and it makes me feel at home 😉


  5. I really think I was hearing either San Martino or San Francesco de la Vigne. It’s on my to do list to find out which one this year.


  6. I love the bells. I would set my alarm for five minutes before the hour so I could throw open my bedroom window to listen (the double glazing muffles the sound)!


  7. Hi, Daniel. Isn’t that absolutely true! I don’t even mind them waking me in the morning.


  8. The sound of the bells of Venice. The sweetest sound of all.


  9. They’re not the most melodious of bells!


  10. Nice post. Interesting touch to put the sound of the bells in there too.


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