It’s happened again

You may recall that I wrote a while back, about Atherton being bombed … yarn bombed, that is. This is what we saw, wrapped around a post on the median strip on Main Street.



Well, it’s happened again, or anew. The previous bombing, which I really liked, has been replaced by this offering.



Which do you prefer, or are you happy to see that there has been a change, which could lead to another …

And I leave you with this thought:

Do not regret growing older.  

It is a privilege denied to many. 

Author Unknown


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14 responses to “It’s happened again

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  2. Andrew

    I just love the fact that someone wants to do this. Some people just want to make the world a better place. BTW I’m going to re-post your quote on FB if you don’t mind, Y.


  3. Maxine

    I also like the frog one best. My daughter uses her phone all the time to take pictures. But I understand missing your camera. It’s your third eye.


    • Hi, Maxine. I haven’t found out if the phone can do anything aside from straightforward photos and movies. I’ll get onto YouTube, they have such good information about the functions.

      Not many days now, until your move.


  4. I was very fond of that frog, but this newest offering is nice too. How long did the first one stay up?


  5. So sorry about your Panasonic. I would feel like my right hand was gone if my Nikon was out of commission.
    Although if those last pictures were taken with your phone it does more than an adequate job.


  6. It is amazing what people don’t notice that is right in front of their eyes.
    I had a lovely little tree just off my patio…I loved the way it changed with the seasons. A month or so ago it succumbed to heavy rains and a wind storm and fell over. It was laying there for several days and then the gardeners took it away. I have mentioned it to several neighbors….people who live in this apartment building and walk by my patio several times a day on their way to and from the building. They all say “what tree?”. They never noticed it so don’t miss it. I’m sure the birds do though.
    I can’t imagine not noticing something as creative as “yarn bombing”. I do like the first one with it’s froggie! But the second one is nice too. I did have an image of a phantom knitter working rapidly overnight to knit it up in one lovely piece.


    • I like the frog one best, I wonder where it is now?

      We sure do tend to walk through our own environments with our eyes closed!

      My poor Panasonic is being tended to by the service people, away down in Sydney. The zoom function stopped working. I miss it, but the camera on my phone seems to do an adequate job.


  7. How did they get the second one on there? Does it go all the way around and is there a seam?


    • It’s done as a flat piece, then stitched on. Hardly anyone I spoke to had noticed it, not even in the shops immediately opposite these bombings!

      If you look for yarn bombing online, you’ll see some cool and crazy offerings!


  8. Did the first one get taken down? I think I like it best.


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